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Reagan’s Son Is Worried ‘With Good Reason’ About Trump: He’s ‘Pathological’ (VIDEO)

With the meteoric rise of Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, it’s easy to forget the talking heads who paved the way for the current crop of progressive hosts. But before the monolithic cable news channel truly came into its own as a competitor for the right-wing Fox News, those progressives were on the radio — on Air America and even your local AM stations — and Chris Matthews ruled the television left. Thursday night was like a family reunion for the two factions as Air America alum Ron Reagan met with Matthews on his long-running show, Hardball.

The topic was, of course, Donald Trump. It’s hard to imagine what else there is to talk about, as the Trump era has completely changed the way news is even reported. With his slightly-more-than-bipolar tone changes and seeming inability to remember what he says from one moment to the next, Trump’s manic style has most questioning not just his competence in the office of president, but his mental health altogether. On this much, Matthews and Reagan agreed.

But while Matthews played moderator, as he generally does, the son of perhaps America’s most famous conservative president really took the time to unpack what’s happening with the discussion around Donald Trump:

Think about how extraordinary it is that we’re even having this conversation. You and I have differences with various presidents, I’ve been very tough on George W. Bush on torture and things like that, but we’re actually talking about the president’s very sanity here, and doing it in a serious way.”

The veteran pundits discussed whether Trump’s disposition is cause for alarm, after even a prominent Republican senator, Bob Corker of Tennessee, stated publicly that the president was not displaying the kind of stability or even competence necessary for the office.

Reagan took it further:

We’re really, genuinely worried, and with good reason. Very sober people are worried that this man is simply unfit for office, characterologically, emotionally, mentally. He does not have the stability, it seems. You can’t control a president who is pathological in his behavior. It’s not that he’s just not behaving like a normal president does, he’s not behaving as a normal grown-up does.”

From Trump’s constant bullying of everyone around him who doesn’t behave the way he likes, to the fact that he calls any unflattering news “fake,” Trump truly is a snapshot of what it might look like if America had elected an 11-year-old to lead the country.

Watch the exchange here:


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