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Queen Is P*SSED At Donald Trump For Using Their Song At RNC (TWEETS)

When presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump walked out onstage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last night, he did so to Queen’s hit song We Are the Champions. Melania Trump isn’t the only one being accused of stealing during the convention. Vanilli Trump lifted a passage from Michelle Obama’s speech which she gave at the Democratic Convention in 2008. And now her husband, Donald, appears to have used Queen’s song without permission. Donald used the iconic band’s song just before he introduced his wife, who then plagiarized Mrs. Obama.

And then the song played once more as Trump re-joined his wife on stage after the speech. Well, Queen noticed and delivered a strongly worded tweet, reading, “An unauthorised use at the Republican Convention against our wishes.”

According to USA Today, Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee, disputed Queen’s claim, tweeting, “Big fan but you are wrong @GOPconvention paid to license the use of song in the arena.”

Time will tell if Spicer is being truthful or not. We imagine Freddie Mercury, the gay lead singer of the group, spinning in his grave while it played at an event packed full of homophobes, including anti-gay speakers.


We’re not sure why Republicans don’t use Ted Nugent’s music. Weird. Mike Huckabee used stole Boston’s music. The campaign of Mitt Romney’s GOP rival Newt Gingrich was hit with a lawsuit for using Eye of the Tiger, the theme song from Rocky III, at its events.

George W. Bush received a cease and desist letter from Tom Petty over his use of the song I Won’t Back Down. The Wilson sisters weren’t too pleased with Sarah Palin’s usage of their song Barracuda.

Jackson Browne sued John McCain for using Running on Empty in a 2008 ad to ridicule Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh used the song My City Is Gone, by some band called The Pretenders. I think they were before my time, but apparently, the dispute was finally settled after the singer told him that he could use the song if he donated all the royalties to the animal right’s organization PETA. The list is long and it’s perplexing why again, conservatives don’t use Ted Nugent or Gene Simmons’ music. Certainly, they aren’t embarrassed, right?

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