Putting this in Terms even Republicans could Understand..I order this Pizza and wait and wait ! | THE POLITICUS

Putting this in Terms even Republicans could Understand..I order this Pizza and wait and wait !

Supreme Court Nominee Pick Merrick Garland

In response to the pick of the Supreme Court Nominee,  see it this way.

  There is a manager down at the Pizza Place.   The Manager was hired overwhelmingly and trained thoroughly.   There is an opening for a Driver.  There are 8 drivers but the Pizza place really needs 9.   There were 9 till one of the drivers checked out permanently.   Pizzas are getting backed up and service is not what it should be.  See, the pizza driver that left, did not just leave but was killed in a car crash and was really really reckless in his job but half of the customers liked him and did not mind tipping him and patting him on the back.   They just liked that he gave them a lot of extra cheesy bread but ignored the other half of the customers.  It was not good for a thriving business but too bad...because he had a job for life until one day it ended.

Now this is a huge Pizza place and has many people depending on their food delivered to them.  It would be so irresponsible for the manager not to hire a qualified driver as soon as possible but the interview for the driver has to be left to some big wigs in the home office.   Half of  The big wigs liked the old pizza driver and the extra cheesy bread he left for his buddies but did not treat the other customers too well.  The other half of the big wigs think the pizza driver needs to be replaced as soon as possible.    The company rule that is in the company rule book , says that anytime there is an empoyee needed  and to keep the busy of the pizzeria going, the manager HAS to do his or her job.   He or she needs to fill that space.   It also says the big wigs have to interview the new guy or gal. They don’t have to hire the new driver but they got to interview the driver.  The problem for the manager is that he or she has to do a job.  

The customers are wanting their pizzas and are mad and angry that some at the home office is just being ridiculous wanting the manager to wait for a new manager to pick a driver.  Are the customers supposed to just wait a year for a pizza to be delivered ?    The manager who is over this pizza parlour will be leaving in about a year but can’t just sit there like a stump and do nothing.  The big wigs have done nothing for years and blaming the manager for everything when they are the problem.   They sit around and play cards and criticize the manager when the manager tries to make things better for his or her customers.   The manager has showed up for work and tried to do all kinds of things for the customers..

 Half of the big wigs  are acting like spoiled children and are mad because the customers hired this manager to begin with.   In this case, they make his job very very hard.  At least half of them do.  Now, today the manager found a good driver with high grades in driving, and is smart and courteous.  He wants to send the guy to the big wigs to interview and have 9 drivers again.   This driver is not reckless and already working at a smaller pizza place.   He has already proven he can be fair and has been driving for over 30 years.   He is a responsble driver but the  big wigs or at least half of them hate the manager so much, and they are so mean and irresponsible they forgot they used to like that driver when they interviewed him before.  They let him work at that smaller pizza place and said he would do a great job if he needed a promotion and the other drivers at the big Pizza shop like him as well.

There is going to be another manager in about a year and the half and the big wigs want to wait and make do with 8 drivers even though it is bad for the customers.   They do not care that the customers or at least the majority of the customers  that want better service.   They want another driver just like the one that played favorites and gave out cheesy bread to some but did not even get orders right for others.   They would like it if all the drivers was like the one who died.   They don’t care if anyone orders a pizza and have a party of 500 people and have to wait and wait and wait because they want what they want and forget about the people who pay for the pizzas making the big wigs richer.  They want to pitch fits like they were two and whine.     They want a driver to do what they want and not what is fair.   They make the manager look bad and wish he would just hurry up and leave his job.   They won’t let him do his job but are mean to him when he tries and tries.  They feel the book of rules do not apply to big wigs.   They feel they can bully and hold up business because they are the biggest pizza place in the world and know the customers get their pizza from them.   So basically the customer has to put up with hours and hours of waiting for a cold, sloppy pizza.   Sometimes the customer  never ges the pizza and all because of these spoiled big wigs.  

Most of the pizzas are coming out cold and not so good.  There is no reason for the big wigs to stop and not hire the driver.  They are doing this because they hate the manager and for no other reason.

This is how I explained the Senate republicans and the President and the Judicial nominees.   Our ten year old thinks the Big Wigs not doing their job or being fair should be fired.   I agree… Vote them out !!!!  Since Citizens United, I feel more like a customer than a citizen.