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Putin's Useful Idiot

"Everywhere there's lots of piggies, living piggy lives"
"Donald Trump's administration is beginning the way Richard Nixon's ended."
Eugene Robinson
on the Morning Joe Program
12 May 2017
Jim Comey is a career lawyer who, by all accounts, is precise and meticulous. He is also religious when it comes to taking notes. Apparently he has a vast paper trail with respect to his conversations with the president of the United States of America. This does not bode particularly well for the Donald. According to an anonymous White House insider yesterday, the dude is "completely fucked". We are told that the inmates of this disgusting administration are starting to "lawyer up". Chaos reigns supreme inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. By all descriptions that have been provided to us, Trump has been behaving like a raging adolescent. These are indeed interesting times inside the executive branch of the government.
As anyone who knew anything about Donald Trump could have easily predicted, the Trump presidency is in the midst of an utter implosion. The surprising thing is the speed. I was of the opinion that it would take until the late summer/early autumn until things came apart. I was as wrong as I've ever been in my life. The wheels came off the clown car at the starting gate. This entire fiasco has been nothing if not amusing to behold. In a video essay that was posted online the other day, Keith Olbermann observed that the president is guilty of seventeen impeachable offences committed - not since January 20 - but in the last week! This is going to end very badly - but I repeat myself.
Trump is black comedy personified. I'm almost at the point of feeling sorry for the poor bastard. His week got off to a rather deplorable start a few days ago when he hosted a press event in the oval office that was covered exclusively by the Russian news/propaganda service, Tass. The American press was barred from the event. To make matters worse for the Imbecile-in-Chief, it was later reported that, at this very moment, he revealed classified intelligence to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister. In his own defense, Donald sought to put our minds at ease by informing the country that, if a president declassifies anything, it is no longer classified. I feel so relieved. How 'bout you? The info he handed over to the two Russians pertainined to Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is not amused.
The prez stepped out of one shit storm smack dab into the middle of another one when the New York Times quoted the details of Comey's private conversation with him regarding the investigation into Mike Flynn's contact with the Russian embassy. According to the notes, Trump tried to persuade the FBI director to stop the Flynn inquiry. It's called "obstruction of justice" just in case anyone asks you. But it gets worse (or "better" for my purposes). Incredibly, Trump then attempted to make Comey take an oath of personal loyalty - a pledge of allegiance to the Donald. James Comey, to his eternal credit, politely refused the offer. He has since been fired. Put two and two together.
Donald Trump is about to put America in his rear view mirror as he embarks upon his first foreign trip as president. I suppose that is just as well. It'll be scads of fun watching him stomp around the planet with one foot on a banana peel and the other in his mouth. For all the damage that he's inflicting on this doomed republic, he certainly is an amusing spectacle to study. The journey might also give him an opportunity to forget - for one brief, shining moment - the morass of political turbulence that awaits him when he returns stateside. Bon voyage.

In recent days, the Republicans have been sneaking a new talking point into the national dialogue. Are you ready for this one?

That's right, folks! So desperate are they to put as much distance between themselves and this unhinged nitwit that, when the catastrophe is complete, they're going to attempt to put the blame on the opposition party. You want to hear the sad part? It's probably going to work.
Idiot Nation.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


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