Public Reaction Brought Down That Flag. Not A GOP Epiphany.

Funny how a few days makes the right of our country suddenly find a conscience [although that is still up for debate]. Lots of praise has been given for Nikki Haley's call to take down the flag from South Carolina State Capitol grounds. Even though it is a quite spectacular "U turn", public opinion, rather than any sense of wrong seems to be the driver here. Other right wing politicians after so many years suddenly realize that this is a symbol of white supremacy, segregation and slavery. Give me a break, some still cling to the State Rights issue for the flag, just as they have done so for so long over the whole "excuses for the Civil War slavery" thing.

Better late than never, it would have been so much better if they had not gone batshit insane all because the majority of the country voted for an African American President. Some even think that this is a sign the GOP is moving back to the center, oh please, stop that nonsense. One flag coming down through public pressure over a brutal hate crime, does not mean the right has moved one iota. But, but, I always thought that flag should come down, I just didn't like to say so, seems to be the rhetoric of the day [as always when faced with the truth].

You can pull down the symbol [and that is a good thing], but you also have to back it up with truth and clarity in education. You have to start healing the wounds and fight racism at its core, and that starts from day one, by family, community and schools.

We have seen a spate of police killings of people of color and the accompanying media apology tour to try and make the deceased guilty and therefore the murder justified. The only symbol here is, the color of the victims skin.

Walmart have also decided to take their racist symbol range off the shelves, again not through any sense of inherent wrong, but for commercial reasons. So the ignorant can no longer get their plastic made in china racism stickers, it would have been nice if they had removed them on their own. oh, and don't try and tell me that the board of Walmart had a "who knew" moment. Let us not forget the whole religion for the corporation bullshit that has been going on, the right to discriminate, sounds like State Rights all over again.

This sudden epiphany of "racial consciousness" needs to be followed up with a complete change in attitude over the long haul. The rhetoric surrounding, religion [persecution of Christians], women's rights, LGBT rights, immigration and gun fondling need to be addressed. Stop wailing about foreign terrorists, sharia law, oppression of white folk, and start looking at the real causes of discrimination [voting rights] and terror [hate crimes].

One the GOP starts to treat this issues as anything but wedge issues in a campaign, I might start welcoming them back into the real world. To my mind the only reason for these twinges of guilt by a few on the right is the election next year. Watch as voting rights are continually stripped up until then. Watch as women's rights are attacked. Watch as LGBT rights are scorned upon in the name of religion. I cant wait for their candidate to tackle these head on, ha, bloody, ha.

This was one victory for public opinion, there is a long, long way to go. Keep an eye open for what crawls out from under the rock next.