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Psychological control laws: how do they work?

Who does not know what the law: the limits of free will / action, or a fundamental basis, the rule setting. With regard to management, it can be regarded as affecting to achieve desired results, as well as the ability to work under specific conditions.

Management - the science and art together, and besides - the daily practice. Going through life, each in its path, even with no bosses ranks, each of us every now and then manages, sometimes without thinking tortola, as needed to achieve the desired and tries to influence this process.

But in order to have it, the process proceeded favorably, it is necessary to know the laws. And if someone does not notice such, it does not mean that they are not. As you know, "ignorance of the law is no excuse for ...". So let's get acquainted with the psychological control laws.

The Law of uncertainty Response

Depending on the available personal experience, direct or Taken from others, a person perceives what is happening, given the stereotypes of consciousness, ie, stable opinions, estimates and judgments. They make adjustments to the understanding of the situation, restricting it to the framework defined by the stereotype. That's why you are different people react differently to the same thing. "The experience of the son of hard mistakes ...".

On the other hand, at different times, under different conditions, including the proper mood, and so on. One and the same person may perceive differently the same information. Remember, in "Ordinary miracle" by E. Schwartz at King's in my soul "wake up" the ancestors, dictating a particular reaction to what is happening? ..

Not once was witnessed after the production meeting at which to make specific decisions, the staff, spreading, continued discussion of issues and ... come to the other options. And when the head on the way deadlines would ask, "Where?", The blue eyes met, that was considered more appropriate to do otherwise ... Wow, is not it? The final response is outside the access area manager - the person responsible for the overall project.

The law of mutual perception of inadequacy

We see each other in a certain perspective, nothing more, and entirely - never, as, indeed, all around: looking at the countertop on top, do not see the legs of the table, looking at the side of the horse, only guess that it is the second eye, etc. If this account that the second equine eye is not going anywhere, as well as the infamous table legs, but the man is constantly changing, it is easy to recognize: speculation that something in his manner, especially in the psychological portrait, risk making a mistake.

In addition, people can protect themselves from the fact that it "opened to the full." First, the individual intrinsic desire to appear travel dominica a best side and hide weaknesses, and secondly, it can not all about myself and knowing so just in case either consciously or unconsciously concealed by an impenetrable veil of a kind, and the "uneven hour ..." . This is neither good nor bad, just a natural process of self-expression and self-positioning.

Law inadequate self-esteem

Even if you feel that you are really something quite well know, try not to flatter ourselves too much. All, how we come to self-logically, it is thought - reason - reason, is not limited to the results of a conscious process. There are also emotional and intuitive component of which can not escape, and if you try to ignore - that was then, and get to the hook. The thing is that apart from rationality into our present irrational, sometimes - until quite unreasonable, and sometimes - on the contrary.



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