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Post #750: Random Observations

September 2017
750 posts in slightly under eleven-and-a-half years. I cannot believe that I stuck to it all these years. The following are a series of unconnected thoughts that I have accumulated on the backs of envelopes and cocktail napkins.
1. The Times have Changed:
Late last night I was watching the film, All The President's Men. I got a huge kick out of the scene where Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) is trying to locate Kenneth L. Dahlberg, a man whose $25,000 check to the Committee to Re-elect the President ended up in the account of one of the Watergate burglars. In order to do this he had to schlep all the way across town and spent  the day going through telephone and reference books at the library. Today, all that would be required is a simple Google search.
It’s a different world, Bubba.
2. A Vanishing Era:


When I was thirteen-years-old, in the crowd that I went around in at least, it was definitely not cool to listen to the music of the Partridge Family (although I always thought the show was very well written). About ten years ago I was sitting in a saloon somewhere when their long-forgotten hit, “I Think I Love You”, came over the jukebox. I was absolutely floored by how good it was.
This memory came back to me a couple of days ago when I received the news that David Cassidy had passed into eternity at the age of sixty-seven. That floored me, too. All of the sudden the seventies are starting to seem like a very long time ago.
Flynn and son
3. Flynn About to Let Go:
We're within days of the explosion of what will no-doubt prove to be the most destructive political scandal in the long history of Idiot Nation. It is now apparent that Mike Flynn is spilling his guts to Robert Mueller, and it's a fairly safe bet that the Trump Mob is in full-tilt panic mode. Not only Flynn, but his son are into this very deep. I'm sure that the both of them are aware that the punishment for treason is death. They must have been reminded of the fates of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, both of whom were sent to the chair in June of 1953.
 You've got to wonder how far the Donald is going to stoop to try to put a stop to this. The next few weeks promise to be quite interesting.
4. Food for thought
If you're not curious you're not learning. If you're not furious you're not paying attention. In my day-to-day ramblings out and about, I get the impression that there aren't many folks that are even one/tenth as concerned as I am about what is in the process of happening to the United States. The situation is as serious - and as dangerous - as it’s been at any time since the war between the states - and yet everyone seems to be going on about their sweet business seemingly without a care in the world. These are weird times, folks.
I just got the news that there has been a shooting at the Galleria Mall in Middletown, NY - which is about five miles from where I now sit. There is no word as to the number of casualties - if any - but it sure is a disturbing thing to contemplate that something as horrible as a mass shooting could happen in my “back yard”.
Guns don't kill people….Never mind. Fuck it, I'm going back to bed.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


The gunfire yesterday at the Crystal Galleria in Middletown, NY was apparently the result of some nitwit who “accidentally" discharged his revolver twice. No one was killed, but two people received minor injuries. Deep sigh of relief here in Orange County.