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The Plot Sickens

I saw a very memorable bumper sticker the other say that really said all that needs to be said:
"When you elect a clown, expect a circus."
If there ever was a phenomenon to be simultaneously amusing  and depressing, this is it. It boggles the mind to even contemplate that this unhinged psychopath and common pervert is living in the same house that was at one time occupied by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. The wheels have come off this country. This is going to end very badly, but I think I've already mentioned that. Pay it no mind.
Nearly five years ago I read an article  that listed the ten, telltale signs to spot a  genuine psychopath:
1. A total lack of empathy
2. A tendency of making self-serving moral choices
3. lying compulsively and unnecessarily.
4. A master manipulator
5.  deflecting blame
6. An inability for showing remorse
7. Habitually two-faced
8. A talent for using people for one's own purposes
9. Superficially charming and glib
Do those traits remind you of anyone in particular?

If I was in better health and twenty years younger, I would leave the United States. To tell you the blunt truth, I don't like it here anymore. I rarely leave the house these days because I no longer recognize this place. The Republicans have destroyed the joint, enabled by the mostly incompetent Democrats. One party has lost its marbles, the other has sold its soul.
The problem with the GOP is that they long-ago forgot that they were (at onetime anyway) the party of Roosevelt: THEODORE.
The problem with the Dems is that they long-ago forgot that they were (at onetime anyway) the party of Roosevelt: FRANKLIN.
It basically boils down to that, folks. Neither party is ethically fit to govern this country any longer. Last year at this time I was convinced that both organizations were within a few years of disappearing forever. Today I'm forced to concede the sad and unacceptable fact that they won't be going away anytime soon. It totally sucks to be an inmate of Idiot Nation, doesn't it?
I am in a unique position to say that I was able to witness to a few of America's years on the mountaintop. I really do feel sorrow for the kids who were born post-Reagan-Revolution. A lot of them are now coming into adulthood, most of them poignantly unaware of what it was like to be an American in the days when our infrastructure was second-to-none. We really did stand for something noble. Those days are gone. Long gone. Who personifies us now? Donald Trump.
Get used to living in a nation in ruins.
We have become totally fractured. Yesterday, a wise and kind friend of mine gently took me to task for the profanity of some of my remarks out in the cyber-sphere. The point is well-taken. Perhaps I am a small part of the problem. It would do all of us who lean leftward some good to measure our comments and criticisms carefully and with the utmost of caution.
We don't need to stoop to their level. We have the truth on our side.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

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