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Petulant Child Trump Throws Another GIGANTIC Twitter Tantrum

The Russia investigation must be getting closer to taking Donald Trump down.

After all, why else would Trump rage tweet about Hillary Clinton and the media?

Because that’s exactly what he did on Friday morning. In fact, he went on an absolute tweetstorm covering a variety of topics.

Trump started by attacking Rand Paul and any other Republicans who dares to vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill, which would gut Medicaid and strip healthcare from over 30 million Americans.

Then Trump once again threatened North Korea and Kim Jong-Un.

At least Trump didn’t call him “Rocket Man” again.

Trump then bragged about himself by retweeting Twitter stats showing that he was the top trending world leader, even though the majority of the tweets about him were probably negative.

He also retweeted a post calling Trump’s United Nations speech the “best speech” ever by a sitting president. We all know that’s laughable.

And finally, Trump whined about the Russia investigation and attacked Hillary and the media.

Seriously, Trump should be examined by a mental health professional and prescribed some strong medications. Either that or hauled away to a facility where he can get a rubber room and straight jacket.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller continues to widen the investigation because the evidence against Trump continues to mount. It’s not a hoax and Trump knows it. That’s why he is rage-tweeting and whining about anything and everything in order distract or dupe the American people.

Instead of trying to kill over 30 million Americans by trying to pass a bad healthcare bill, Republicans should be saving American from Trump by impeaching him and his administration. But it appears the American electorate will have to vote in 2018 to give control of Congress back to the Democrats so that we can end this embarrassment once and for all.

Featured Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images