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A personal thanks...

     I just talked to Zen Trainer by e-mail, she wanted to thank me for my diary. It sounds as though she’s doing well, although obviously nervous about the upcoming surgery and her recovery. But she is extremely relieved to go into this knowing that at least paying the bills will not be a major concern for her after the surgery.

     I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you myself for stepping up for her. Your response to my on her behalf was both compelling and heartwarming. I wrote in that diary that this was personal for me, that ZT was one of my closest friends on the Kos, at made me misty eyed to see the large number of people she has touched in here, and the depth of all of our feelings for her. Whether it was a donation, or simply kind words and thoughts, believe me, I know, it ALL matters. So my friends, thanks so much, for your attention to my diary, for the recs and wonderful comments, for the exposure for it, and most of all for your kindness to and affection for Zen Trainer. I am in your debt.