Pass the Popcorn... Rick Scott has trouble with his own including Bondi

Pass the Popcorn... Rick Scott has trouble with his own including Bondi

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I noticed as I went to the store the front page....BONDI has questions for Scott regarding FDLE firing.  That was the headline.... I just caught another glimpse of the story and it is trouble for Scott as he has crossed some lines in his own house.  Some asked if this firing had legs and most of us agreed that it probably did not but, it seems it might.

Political for a run for Governor?  Maybe but he sure has ruffled some republican feathers.
He has raised eyebrows and questions from his own cabinet and attorney general.

From the Tampa Bay Times

Bondi on Wednesday became the last of the three elected Republican Cabinet members to distance herself from the ouster last month of Gerald Bailey as commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Bailey alleges that Scott and his aides meddled in law enforcement business and used strong-arm tactics to pressure him to resign.

Taking indirect aim at Scott on his preference for secrecy over transparency, Bondi said that she and the public have a right to know the truth and that she would insist that the Bailey matter be discussed "thoroughly and in the sunshine" at the next Cabinet meeting Feb. 5.

"The recent process behind the appointment of a new FDLE commissioner has raised serious questions, and those questions should be answered to ensure transparency and the public's right to know," Bondi said in a statement that held back on explicitly criticizing Scott or anyone in his administration.

The firing has mushroomed into the messiest controversy of Scott's governorship and tarnished the start of his second term. At the same time, Cabinet members, at least two of whom are expected to run for governor in 2018, are frantically trying to extricate themselves from an issue that they could have avoided.

Oh my, Pam is tippy toed on this issue...  She needs to do something but is beholding to her boss....but this is getting interesting.

The article got even more interesting................

By law, the head of the FDLE works for the governor and Cabinet. All three Cabinet members have said they did not anticipate Bailey's ouster, but not one of them publicly questioned the decision at last week's Cabinet meeting. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam was the first to fault Scott's actions

The three Cabinet members last week were caught flat-footed when Bailey told the Times/Herald that Scott's former general counsel, Pete Antonacci, pressured him to resign by saying he had lost the confidence of the Cabinet. The Cabinet members say that wasn't true.

Antonacci refused Wednesday to talk about his role in the unfolding drama over Bailey's dismissal.

"It's a situation where I'm not prepared to say anything on or off the record,'' Antonacci said. "I have a great deal of loyalty to my legal clients.''

Scott wasn't clear about what happened, suggesting Bailey willingly resigned.

"I did not voluntarily do anything," Bailey told the Times/Herald last week. "If he said I resigned voluntarily, that is a lie. If he said that, he's being totally untruthful."

 Now,, it is heating up as letters get fired back and forth and so does the rhetoric

After Atwater sent Scott a letter Tuesday calling for a new FDLE search, Scott fired back a written call to get rid of three other state officials who report to him and the Cabinet: Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, Department of Revenue executive director Marshall Stranburg and Commissioner of the Office of Financial Regulation Drew J. Breakspear.

Putnam said Scott's response to Atwater is an opening for a new discussion.

"In reading that letter, I learned things I did not know about his intentions with three Cabinet agencies,'' Putnam said. "I view that as the beginning of a conversation that will involve all four of us discussing the future of those Cabinet agencies and their leadership. That is not dictum. It is the beginning of a conversation about a decision that may come from all four of us."

My favorite part is where there is name calling of abuse of power and discussion of Federal inquiries from our side of the aisle.

A liberal advocacy group, Progress Florida, has launched an online petition drive, urging Tallahassee state prosecutor Willie Meggs to investigate Scott's "bullying" of Bailey and the Cabinet. A watchdog group, Integrity Florida, called for a federal investigation of Scott's actions.

Democratic state legislators have called for legislative hearings and a state ethics commission investigation, saying Scott's action could rise to official misconduct.

Bailey's litany of grievances, reported exclusively by the Times/Herald, includes accusations that Scott's former chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, ordered him to falsely identify an Orlando court clerk as the target of a criminal investigation

It is a rather long article but very interesting.....and Bondi looks like she don't know whether to hang on to being a puppet  or do her job.  Dealing with any  man named Atwater could also bring some dirt into the picture.. Atwater is the CEO of Florida.  Yes we are a business .....

Pass the popcorn.. maybe we won't have to endure this nut another few years...  He may oust himself with his dictator ways.  There is even mention in this article of HCA and Scott just being Scott by his own way of pleading the fifth..

Perfect song for all of these lowlifes. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !