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Paranoid Trump Orders Jared Kushner To Fix Our Prison System (DETAILS)

In addition to his responsibilities of “solving” peace in the Middle East and ending the Opioid epidemic, Jared Kushner has also been given the task of reforming our prison system. Apparently, Kushner has been secretly working on this project, which he will be expected to present to his father-in-law Donald Trump on Thursday.

Many sane people would ask: Why on earth is Kushner reforming America’s prisons?

To sum it up in laymen’s terms, the prison system is a personal issue for Kushner, whose father served 14 months in federal prison for tax evasion and additional crimes. If we were to take a glimpse of Donald Trump’s reasoning, Jared’s father being in and out of prison is more than enough experience needed to make him qualified for this position.

According to , Kushner has been hosting meetings with former inmates, faith leaders, Congress members, and prison experts for the project as part of his Office of American Innovation. On top of that,  Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump recently hosted Sens. Dick Durbin, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Lee, and Sheldon Whitehouse for a dinner discussion at their home.

Furthermore, Thursday’s meeting will address strategies to “equip non-violent prisoners with the skills and opportunities needed for an honest second chance to correct their course in life and return to society as productive, law-abiding citizens,” according to the White House.

What—or more specifically, who—could make it more in tomorrow’s meeting is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will also be attending. For those unaware, Sessions is pushing for harder sentencing, and enforcing federal marijuana laws more strictly, a move that nearly every citizen and many lawmakers are opposed to.

It will be interesting to see what plans Kushner has for prisons across the country. For Trump’s sake, he might want to change those orange-colored jumpsuits because they won’t blend well with Trump’s skin tone when he gets put behind bars.

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