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Out Like Flynn

Okay, let's se a show of hands:
Whom among you still believe that sending an unhinged twit like Donald Trump to the White House was a really neat idea?
Idiot Nation.
Every day - in every way - the magnitude of the mass electoral blunder committed by the American electorate on Election Day 2016 compounds itself. If Watergate was a paper cut, this scandal will prove to be a bloodbath. The new administration is comprised of a collection of stooges, representing the interests of a hostile foreign government. This going to end very badly, campers - catastrophically so. Remember, you read it here. Our worst nightmare has come to fruition. The takeover of the American government by a cabal of deranged fascists, envisioned by Sinclair Lewis in his 1936 novel, It Can't Happen Here, has happened indeed.
Hunter Thompson once advised us, "Buy the ticket, take the ride". You won't need to purchase a ticket in order to take this sick and twisted ride; the revolution is being televised. All of us will have a front row seat.
What did the Pervert-in-Chief know, and when did he know it?
According to the administration's Ministry of Propaganda, the Donald found out that  former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, discussed the Obama sanctions on Russia with Putin's representatives only in the last day or so. This was a month before Inauguration Day - a clear violation of the law. But according to Sally Yates, the acting attorney general before she was fired by Trump, she informed the president that Flynn was susceptible to Russian blackmail weeks ago. The fallout from this latest detour in the Clown Car Show was that National Security Advisor Flynn was forced to resign from his post in complete and utter disgrace. And to think were only entering the third week of this disgusting administration. It only promises to get a lot stranger as the weeks and months (and years) transpire. Brace yourselves for the shit storm. Pack a lead-lined umbrella.
There are heady days for me. Being from the area where I live, I have friends, too depressingly numerous to number, that naively cast their destinies with man/child Trump in the last election. I'm not the kind who would walk up to someone and gloat, "Don't say I didn't warn you". I don't have to. One former Trump supporter of my acquaintance walked up to me and asked, "How did you know?" My response sounded smug, which I didn't mean it to sound, but there is no other possible way of answering that question: "I was paying attention".
This ain't rocket science. The people who now find themselves ashamed and embarrassed for openly supporting this uncouth maniac should have known better. They should have been paying attention. And now, because of this inexcusable case of mass, civic irresponsibility, we're stuck with the gnarled son-of-a-bitch for, at the very least, the next two years. Cancel you reservations to Candy Land.
Way to go, America.
And the fact that he lost in the electoral college is as pathetic excuse as anything I've ever heard. It should have been a landslide. Those of you who were foolish enough to vote Republican in 2016 are going to deserve everything that happens to you. As for the rest of us, we'll just have to roll with the punches.
Enjoy your stay in Idiot Nation.
On that jolly note: Happy Valentines Day!
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
AFTERTHOUGHT: I predicted the morning after the election that there would be no writers block in the Age of The Donald. There isn't. This nitwit is the gift that keeps giving. Life is beautiful.


It Can't Happen Here
by Sinclair Lewis
It's happened here.
Idiot Nation


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