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Osteen Shamed Into Opening Megachurch For Flood Victims, Mosques Already Open

On Monday, Joel Osteen, the pastor of Texas’ Lakewood Church learned what America expects of its Christian leaders. Initially, Osteen had closed the $50 million megachurch in Houston that was unaffected by flooding during Hurricane Harvey, prompting many to ask why they wouldn’t be opening their doors to flood refugees.

The prominent preacher of the “prosperity Gospel” — which teaches that God wants you to be rich — had no immediate answer, so internet sleuths worked their magic:

Immediately, suspicions about the “Hurricane Relief” donation page on the church’s website arose:

Hours later, there was word that Osteen had finally decided to open the church — “once the shelters are full,” of course — to those seeking refuge from the storm. In fact, the church, or perhaps even the pastor himself, purchased “countless” air mattresses and laid them on the floor:

Meanwhile, at least one mosque (and reportedly many more) nearby had their doors open all day, even as Twitter was just beginning to pressure Lakewood Church and the Osteens:

This mosque, just 20 miles from Osteen’s sports-arena-turned-megachurch is in a strip mall. But as soon as the way was passable, they welcomed “any needy families” through their doors for food and shelter.

The mosques, of course, are not the only churches that were open to struggling victims. Christians, Jews, Mormons, and any number of other religions all had locations open to those seeking shelter where possible. Other religious groups, including , did rescue work where they could.

Only God knows why it took so long for Joel Osteen, the one Emissary Of The Lord most able to help with resources, to respond to cries for help.

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