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Oregon Militant Goes Bat-Sh*t Crazy In Court To Convince Judge He’s Stable Enough For Release

David Fry, the last member of the Oregon moron militia to surrender following the month-long standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, was on Wednesday. He tried to convince the judge that he really was emotionally stable enough to be bonded out. When that failed, Fry lost it and went bat-sh*t crazy in the courtroom and had to be escorted out as he screamed at the judge.

Fry’s defense attorney, Per Olson, told U.S. District Court Judge Robert Jones that “he’s stable; he’s emotionally stable” and would absolutely show up for his trial in September if he were released.

This idea that he’s unpredictable in all aspects of life is simply not the case,” Olson said.

When the judge didn’t buy the line Olson was trying to sell him, Fry’s facade of stability quickly fell to pieces.

You’re a bigot, and a liar, and a racist,” Fry screamed in fury as he was removed from the courtroom.

According to, who covered the hearing, the main focus of Wednesday’s hearing was Fry’s mental stability. OPB noted that Fry had escaped from a mental institution four or five years ago. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ethan Knight argued that Fry was “simply too volatile and unpredictable” to be released.

Judge Jones also pointed out that Fry had a history of violating parole. In fact, he may have even done so when he left Ohio to join the Bundy militia at Camp Dumbass in Oregon.

“I am actually feeling suicidal right now,” Fry told authorities during the final days of the standoff.

Fry insisted that he had good reason to break out of the mental institution and said he very much wanted to be released from custody.

I’d like to go see my pets. One of my dogs is reaching his age,” Fry told Jones and promised to return for his trial in September. “I give you my word that I will be here to see this through.

The judge also said he found statements Fry had made about wanting to die and be reincarnated as a woman puzzling, as well as his fears of an alien invasion. Fry was quick to explain that things would be “easier” if he were a woman and argued that he is not alone is his concerns over threats from outer space.

For some inexplicable reason, the judge wasn’t convinced.

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