OOPS: Trump Throws Own Black Supporter Out Of Rally After Calling Him The New Conservative N-Word | THE POLITICUS

OOPS: Trump Throws Own Black Supporter Out Of Rally After Calling Him The New Conservative N-Word

How can any self-respecting black person support Donald Trump when he even treats them like shit at his rallies?

At a North Carolina rally on Wednesday, the same rally where Trump supporters hung Hillary Clinton in effigy, the Republican nominee from the crowd because he believed he had been sent by Hillary Clinton to infiltrate the event.

“Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” Trump asked the man as the crowd cheered. Trump then ordered security to “get him out” and the crowd continued applauding.

The word “thug” is the new way conservatives call black people the N-word.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

But despite basically being called a “n****r” and tossed out of the rally, C.J. Cary STILL supports Trump and intends to vote for him on November 8th.

Cary says he was only trying to get Trump’s attention because he wanted to pass a note to him asking him to respect African-Americans and other groups he has insulted since his campaign began in an effort to broaden his voters beyond the base.

Of course, with only ten days left until Election Day it’s too little too late for Trump to reverse the damage he has done to himself among these groups.

To make matters worse, Trump not only insulted a black man by calling him a “thug” and throwing him out of the rally, he did that to someone who served this country as a United States Marine.

That’s right. C.J. Cary is literally a U.S. Marine and Trump treated him like shit just because of the color of his skin.

If that’s not enough to anger every African-American voter in this country to flock to the polls on Election Day to vote against Trump, one has to wonder what will it take?

Because if Donald Trump is even willing to treat his own black supporters this way, you can bet he’ll treat all black people this way if he somehow ends up being elected president.

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