Oops! Scott Walkers Lame "Drafting Error" Excuse Gets Pants on Fire Award

Scott Walkers

Oops! Scott Walkers Lame "Drafting Error" Excuse Gets Pants on Fire Award

Scott Walker, Pinnochio

Poor Scott Walker. He thought he could use the state budget to slide in major changes to the 100 year old mission statement of the University of Wisconsin (full disclosure: I'm a graduate of UW-Milwaukee) without anyone really noticing anything other than his drastic budget cuts.

Nope. That's what you get when you're now a top tier Presidential candidate. People look at everything. When it did get noticed, Walker did what he generally does in Wisconsin where the press are his poodles; he tweeted out that it was a bug and not a feature of his budget. He called it a "drafting error". When later emails emerged showing that is was, indeed, a feature and not an error, he followed up with another lie (standard Walker operating procedure); that university officials were in full agreement with the change.

Gov. Scott Walker and aides scrambled Thursday to respond to revelations that his administration had insisted to University of Wisconsin officials on scrapping the Wisconsin Idea, the guiding principle for the state's universities for more than a century.

In a rapid revision to his own comments on Wednesday, the Republican governor acknowledged that UW System officials had raised objections about the proposal.

They had been told the changes were not open to debate.

While backtracking on earlier comments to reporters, Walker continued to insist in a statement that he hadn't known what his own administration was doing until after the proposal became public and caused a firestorm of criticism.

He's still insisting (standard Walker operating procedure) that he was unaware of what was being done. Walker, a well known micromanager, has worn out that tired, old excuse.

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