One Ugly Groundhog | THE POLITICUS

One Ugly Groundhog

Trump's ban on Muslims and refugees harkens back to the worst isolationism of dark shadows of America's past, but was met now with inspired protests taking over airports and airwaves.

Trump's parade of outrageous Cabinet picks get unified support from lockstep Republicans, who "voice concerns" then vote yes. But at least Democrats have started to fight from delays to walk-outs in the Senate.

More conflicts of interest with businesses. More coziness with Vladimir Putin. More promotions for white nationalist Steve Bannon. More lies from Twitter and the Press Secretary. But at least now the press is calling them lies.

Each day with Trump is a brand new outrage, and feels like we're trapped in a terrible day on repeat. It's like a horror version of the movie Groundhog Day...and one ugly groundhog is at the center of attention.

But at least people are speaking up and marching, stiffening spines and refusing to be silenced, and maybe grassroots energy and opposition can turn this Groundhog Day into an early spring.

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