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The One DAMNING Thing James Comey Said About Trump That Everyone Is Ignoring

We’ve been pushing hard against Trump because of the testimony James Comey gave to the Senate Intelligence Committee last Thursday. It seems pretty clear to most people that Trump obstructed justice when he pressed Comey on the Russia investigation. In all the uproar about obstruction of justice, though, something darker is getting lost. Comey didn’t just detail out the increasing pressure Trump put on him and lay out a possible obstruction of justice case. He also explained what Trump’s interest in him and the investigation were, and that interest wasn’t what it should have been.

Trump’s sole interest in all of his interactions with Comey was whether he was under investigation, and how he could get Comey to drop it. His primary interest should have been in how to stop Russia from its blatant interference in our electoral process. And that’s what one former FBI counterintelligence agent, Asha Rangappa, discusses :

In the nine times Trump met with or called Comey, it was always to discuss how the investigation into Russia’s election interference was affecting him personally, rather than the security of the country. He apparently cared little about understanding either the magnitude of the Russian intelligence threat, or how the FBI might be able to prevent another attack in future elections…

…When Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) asked Comey whether Trump had ever appeared concerned about Russian interference or how to stop it in the future, Comey’s answer was blunt: ‘No.’ After a moment of reflection, he added, without prompting, that he had ‘attended a fair number of meetings on that with President Obama.’ This contrast alone underscores Trump’s disregard for his fundamental duty, which is to ensure the security of the nation, its government and its citizens from foreign enemies.”

Rangappa notes that our intelligence community unanimously agrees that Russia meddled in our election (and both Trump and Republicans like conflating that with whether or not Trump and/or his associates colluded with Russia to swing the election), but Trump is wholly uninterested in how to prevent that from happening in the future. That’s kind of odd for someone who so desperately wants to be legitimate.

But then again, if the investigations do prove that Russia’s efforts swayed our election, then Trump’s win would be illegitimate and that probably terrifies him more than anything aside from getting caught helping them.

Rangappa goes on to say:

Although its activities didn’t involve bombes or dead bodies, Russia’s efforts were no less dangerous than any terrorist attack. In fact, the insidiousness of Russia’s interference lies in its invisibility: The American public did not even know that their freedom of choice was potential being manipulated and distorted for foreign interests.

For any president to ignore the situation is shocking. My former colleagues at the FBi who are working on this case and have uncovered the full scale of Russia’s efforst must be incredulous at Trump’s cavalier attitude.”

Yup. Trump’s entire focus with Comey was, “Am I under investigation,” “Can you maybe, possibly drop this,” and “I need your loyalty.”

There doesn’t seem to be anything on what Russia actually did or what effects it may have had, to say nothing of what steps we could take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

For a bit of perspective, Rangappa asks us to imagine that this was ISIS and they bombed DNC headquarters following a casual request from the Republican presidential nominee (like Trump’s casual request to Russian hackers to find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails). Then imagine that the new president was not only uninterested in finding the attackers, but also tried to “reset relations” with ISIS by making nice, despite mounting evidence that he or his campaign helped facilitate the attack.

Then she says:

The fact pattern of the Russia investigation so far is similar — and that’s an investigation Comey says Trump had no interest in following closely.”

In other words, she believes that what Russia has done is no less an attack on us than ISIS bombing us inside our borders just prior to an election in such a way that it interfered with that election. It’s deeply terrifying that Trump didn’t seem to care about this whenever he talked to Comey about the probe.

And Republicans are trying to keep it swept under the rug instead of expressing concern. These are dark, dark times.

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