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The One About Some Plain Talk About The Scott Roeder Situation.


February 1, 2010 by Toriach

There are a great many things that I am willing to accept fall into the realm of a "certain point of view". Where regards much in the worlds of law, economy, environment etc. Despite the way some people wish to act the simple truth is that precious little is as certain and absolute as people might wish it to be. There is however one significant exception to this. A woman's sovereignty over her own body. This is an issue on which there is no room for compromise. The recent Scott Roeder case and the reaction by some to the guilty verdict prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Scott Roeder murdered Dr. George Tiller, in the local church that Tiller attended, in cold blood, in full view of Tiller's fellow parishioners. Then Roeder attempted to mount a defense that amounted to justifiable homicide. The judge in a move that at the time shocked and outraged many on the Pro Choice side allowed that defense to go forward. However to the delight of many the defense was extremely ineffective and the judge declared that the defense attorney had not given sufficient evidence for the jury to be allowed to consider self defense in deciding the case. They returned a fairly speedy guilty verdict. This is a huge victory for both the system of laws we have in this country and for the Pro Choice side. But as is always the case the terrorists that infest the anti choice side are quick to agitate and threaten

"Among the other spectators at the trial was Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, which organized the 1991 “Summer of Mercy” protests that included attempts to block Tiller’s Wichita clinic and led to more than 2,700 arrests. As the jury was deliberating in Wichita, Terry said he believed that no matter the outcome of Roeder’s trial, more violence was inevitable.

“The blood of these babies slain by Tiller is crying for vengeance,” he said."

Because these rabid zealots will accept no other outcome except the one they avow is correct. For them there is no middle ground. And so for us there must be none either. Therefore I am going to put this in the bluntest way possible. This will make many uncomfortable, but it must be said.

For as long as a child is in a woman's body, it is a part of her body. Period. There's the end right there of the "when does life begin" debate. So long as it is in the woman's body, it is part of her body, and therefore subject to her personal autonomy regarding choices about her body. No one else's. Period.

If you are opposed to abortion? Fine, then invest your money in child care centers, invest in adoption programs. I think it's wonderful for women to have more options than merely aborting the child, or having it and keeping it. If you want to offer information so long as it is factual, that's fine too. But that is where your options stop.

If you picket an abortion clinic then you are committing an act of terrorism and you are the enemy.

If you provide women with false information about the consequences physical, mental, and emotional of abortion then you are committing an act of terrorism and you are the enemy.

If you attempt to block access to any clinic that provides abortions then you are committing an act of terrorism and you are the enemy.

If you attempt to harm in any way shape or form any clinic employee or patron whether on site or off, then you are committing an act of terrorism and are the enemy.

If you are attempting to pass legislation that interferes in any way shape or form with a woman’s sovereignty over the whole of her body, then you are the enemy.

It’s Just That Simple.

Don't like abortion? Don't have one. Don't like other people having abortions? Well then I'd suggest that first off you get fucking realistic about the way things work and start pushing for sex education that is more than "Just say no" and for easy access to birth control. Start pushing for better birth control options for men as well as women. More effective, more certain. Start pouring your money into adoption centers, etc.

But stop lying. Stop trying to change the law. And stop trying to harm or kill people.

Now I'm well aware that there are a great many "pro-life" people who have never, and would never harm another person. They use prayer, and they try to provide options for those who would prefer to have the child and then give it over for adoption. Good for you. This is not meant for you.

This is meant for every Bible thumping whack job out there who believes for one instant that their beliefs gives them the right to dictate how others should live. Who believe that violence, and threats are perfectly acceptable to achieve their ends.

We are through negotiating with you. We are through seeking "common ground". And we are through tolerating your existence. You are terrorists, and are the enemy of decent humanity. End Of Story!

Keep The Faith My Brothers And Sisters!

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