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Old Seeds and New Growth

From Rebecca Bloomfield, Adamah Associate

I set the box on the counter, and opened it to thumb through the still-firm bulbs of white and purple garlic. Their wrappers flake off like the most perfect croissant. Crushing the bulbs just enough so that the cloves would loosen, I plunked the cloves in a jar bound for the freezer.  Settling into the meditative crushing, peeling, and plunking, my mind wandered.

It wandered back to when I filled the shoebox in the fall, estimating just how much garlic I’d need this winter, and it wandered back to the very first time I planted garlic: systematically pressing thousands of cloves into the soil like candles into a cake as an Adamahnik in 2005.

As farmers, we are constantly presented with opportunities to visit memories we may otherwise have let fade.  The seed makes us think of the fruit makes us think of the flower makes us think of the root makes us think of the seed.  The cycle continues here at Adamah as we settle into the rhythm of yet another Spring, and all of the wonderful things that it brings year after year, from baby goats, snowmelt and maple syrup to seedlings, fresh greens, and rain.  As if those things weren’t enough, we’ve also welcomed a fresh batch of ten incredible Adamahniks; on April 12th, Ari, Abby, Hannah, Susannah, Lily, Yitzhak, Jack, Stephanie, Ari, and Tom arrived and are already at home at Isabella Freedman. The Adamah family continues to grow!

Quarterly Update from Adamah, a program of Hazon at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, that cultivates the soil and the soul to produce food, build and transform identities, and gather a community of people changing the world.