Oklahoma gets first openly gay state senator! [erv] 

Oklahoma gets first openly gay state senator! [erv]

As much crap as Oklahomans get for being backwards hicks, Oklahoma is a state of many faces. Slowly but surely, the faces of the politicians are starting to represent the diversity of Oklahoma (not just middle-upper-class 'straight' Evangelical white male Oklahomans).

To counter the insane, homophobic rhetoric of Sally Kern, we have an openly, happily transgender Brittany Novotny giving the witch a run for her money.

To counter the current Republican fad of 'personhood amendments', now taking its turn in Oklahoma, we have Constance Johnson making a political statement by adding an amendment to criminalize male masturbation.

To counter dim witted dullards like Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey, who cares more about kidney cells isolated in the 1970s than he cares about the health and well-being of men, women, and children in 2012, we NOW have Oklahoma State Senator Al McAffrey. A man who spends his free time raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma. Not just rhetoric about being 'pro-life'-- genuine action that says 'pro-life' without saying a word.

Oklahoma has a lot of dumb hicks.

But not everyone in Oklahoma is a dumb hick.

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