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Ohio TeaParty State Rep. Andrew Brenner's wife Appears to be Operating Her Company Illegally In Ohio

On twitter, Ohio Republican State Rep. Andrew Brenner's wife are threatening to sue people who ask her questions about her company, BrennerBrief.  Both Rep. Brenner and his wife insist that merely asking her questions about her company is "harassment" and so they will file a "lawsuit" against anyone who asks her or him about her company.

I think people are questioning Rep. Brenner's wife's business because last week, Rep. Andrew Brenner's wife published "Was Sandy Hook a Hoax Designed to Advance Gun Control Laws?" through BrennerBrief. The story promoted a psychotic, paranoid, delusional idea that mocked the murder of 5 year old & 6 year old children & teachers who were murdered as they tried desperately to protect the children ... it was a smack in the face to their loved ones.

Rep. Brenner and his wife, in defending the publication of that vile 'Sandy Hook Hoax' story, tweeted that BrennerBrief is solely owned and operated by Rep Brenner's wife, Sara Marie Brenner.  They tweeted that they believe in Free Speech therefore, they do not edit stories for content.

A quick check to verify with the Secretary of State shows BrennerBrief is not registered to do business in Ohio. When asked, Rep. Brenner and his wife would only say BrennerBrief is registered through an LLC but they refused to name the alleged LLC.

Ohio state law

"All businesses must register with the Secretary of State."

To verify the search results for this story, I phoned "Dee" at the Ohio Secretary of State's office. Dee ran a search on Rep. Andrew Brenner's wife's LLC (The Right Idea LLC) and she said

"There is no business name, other than The Right Idea, associated with [Rep. Brenner's wife's] LLC.

Dee went on to say

The name BrennerBrief is available for use and is not associated with any entity or individual

Dee then said

In order to tie the LLC with BrennerBrief, Form 534A must be filled out and in order to tie the two, the name of the LLC should be put in the place of the 'Registered Agent.' After that the Form must be approved by the Secretary of State. Once approved, the name BrennerBrief will show up in 'business search' on Ohio Secretary of State website.

She added

By law any company doing business in Ohio must be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State. BrennerBrief is no where in our [Ohio Secretary of State] website.

That's right, the TeaParty Rep. Brenner's wife seems to be operating her company illegally in Ohio and calls people "Commie Thug" and threatens to sue people who ask her about it.

Interesting... Rep. Andrew Brenner has no idea he is a Public Servant who does, in fact, answer to the people.

Maybe they threatened people in a desperate attempt to shut people up?

It is very important that the media ask Rep. Andrew Brenner why his wife is operating a business, BrennerBrief, in Ohio illegally ... and ... why he does not think he has to answer to the People.

The media should also ask Rep. Brenner to show proof his wife has Worker's Compensation on her employees.

In Ohio, all employers with one or more employees must have workers'

compensation coverage. .