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Ohio Official Was Just ‘Emotional’ When He Said Hillary Clinton Should Be Violently Murdered

Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers has perhaps the most sane, logical, appropriate response to Hillary Clinton of any Republican to this point. His response to criticism of , directed at Clinton?

Hang that b*tch!

Wait… what? It’s one thing not to like a candidate from the other party, but during a Tuesday meeting of the Licking County board of commissioners, Flowers went just a with his disdain.

Hillary, she should be hanging from a tree,” Flowers said during the meeting.

Hanging from a tree. The front-runner to be the next President of the United States. Seems just a bit harsh, and apparently, Flowers came to that realization just hours later, by backtracking and removing the foot from his mouth/head from his ass.

I got caught up in an emotional moment,” Flowers said. “She just totally makes my mind want to pop out of my ears. I really can’t believe she’s running for president.

I’m convinced 30 years ago, she’d been locked up for life. I truly believe she has become above the law. That’s how far our system has fallen.

Above the law, huh? Is this guy aware that the law doesn’t allow hangings anymore? In fact, it’s been 20 years now since the last hanging in the United States. But that’s OK… Since Hillary is above the law, supposedly, going above it to punish her for… wait, what are we even punishing her for?

It’s OK, though. He was just emotional. All is forgiven, right? I mean, obviously he has endured a severe emotional tragedy recently, what with all the mean, unfair comments about Melania’s (clear as day) plagiarism. That’s it. That’s where this is stemming from. This psycho is irate that she is taking so much flak when Hillary “deserves” to be in prison.

For stuff. And reasons.

The beauty of it all is that Flowers was in a room with the county board president, Tim Bubb, a clerk-administrator, and, most glorious of all, a reporter. Yet this moron apparently thought he could go off the record with such an insane statement.

I think he was on a rant and kind of venting,” Bubb said. “He sometimes wears his emotions on his sleeve. I hope you don’t characterize it as that’s all he is. There’s a lot more to him than that. He’s a good county commissioner. I don’t think Duane meant it to be a statement on the record. We’re fairly conversational, but it is a public session. We’re not necessarily making statements for the greater world. Technically, we’re in public session, and I guess anything you say is a public comment.

No sh*t, Sherlock. And it’s hard to agree that this guy could possibly be a good county commissioner, based solely on the whole hanging thing. It’s highly unlikely many people would want a commissioner who would suggest hanging people they don’t like, for whatever reason.

Would you vote for a guy who openly advocates hanging his enemies?

People get caught up in this ‘R’ versus ‘D’ and blue versus red, and we should probably try to avoid that in public session and on the record,” Bubb said. “Every public official has to decide what they want to say.

This guy decided what he wanted to say. It was probably said in private, to friends or family, drunk or sober. We know it was at least thought, as now it finally came spewing out of his mouth like uncontrollable verbal diarrhea in a public forum. True feelings displayed. Smooth move, Flowers.

United Airlines, who called for Hilary to be hanged. So, what should be done about this Flowers lunatic?

Why not try to mimic Flower’s mindset? A slap on the wrist surely wouldn’t be enough. Losing his job wouldn’t suffice. Jail? Nah. Not good enough. If it ain’t good enough for Hillary Clinton, it ain’t good enough for good ol’ Duane Flowers. There’s only one solution, here…

String him up! Burn the witch!

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