OH-Sen: PPP Shows A Toss Up Between Rob Portman (R) & Ted Strickland (D)

Here's some encouraging news today out of Ohio courtesy of PPP:


PPP's newest Ohio poll finds a toss up in the race for Senate- Rob Portman is ahead of Ted Strickland by an inconsequential 2 point margin at 43/41, with plenty of voters still undecided.

The closeness of the race is a reflection of Portman being pretty undefined to voters even after more than four years in the Senate. 35% approve of the job he's doing, 35% disapprove, and 30% don't have an opinion either way. There are actually more voters with an opinion about Strickland- 77%- even with his having been out of office for a while now- than Portman. Voters are pretty evenly divided in their attitudes toward Strickland with 39% rating him favorably and 38% unfavorably. This is pretty clearly shaping up as a contest between two candidates who voters have mixed feelings about.

Strickland leads Portman by 10 points with independents at 41/31. The reason that Portman still has the small overall advantage is that 15% of Democrats say right now that they're crossing over to vote for Portman, while only 9% of Republicans say they'll go across party lines to support Strickland. This is the second time we've polled this race this year and we've found a tie and now this 2 point advantage for Portman- it's shaping up to be a very competitive contest. - PPP, 6/9/15

Not sure what's going through those 15% Democratic voters heads for why they would even consider voting for Portman but hopefully that fact that Portman, who took the most corporate cash to fast track the TPP, will come to their senses that Portman is trying to kills their jobs. You can read more here:


In terms of primaries for both candidates, there's no real contests. Strickland leads P.G. Sittenfeld by 52 points and Portman leads Ken Blackwell 57/24. So we have a serious pick up opportunity here and we have a great candidate in Strickland. Click here to donate and get involved with his campaign: