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OH-Sen: Paul Begala Helps Ted Strickland (D) Fight Back Against The Koch Bros & Defeat Portman (R)

Received this e-mail today from Paul Begala on behalf of former Governor Ted Strickland's (D. OH) U.S. Senate campaign:
I’m not one to take sounding the alarm lightly, but this is a serious problem:

--My friend Ted Strickland is in one of the top races in the country
--Rob Portman and his Koch brother allies are spending millions against Ted -- up to $10.7 million to be exact -- with no sign of letting up

I know Ted and he’s a fighter. But the Koch’s ad blitz is indeed a serious problem. I don’t expect you to fix it alone (unless you just won the lottery?). But I am asking for you to join our grassroots movement, and together we can fight back against the Kochs and make a big difference for Ted. That fundraising deadline everyone’s been hollering about is tonight. So it’s now or never for Ted.


Let's be clear: Rob Portman is wrong on the issues. He opposed President Obama's rescue of the auto industry -- even though 792,000 jobs were at risk. He voted for a GOP budget that would have ended Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher system, as well as making drastic cuts to Medicaid, while cutting taxes for the rich.

Ahhh, yes, cutting taxes for the rich, while hammering the middle class. Maybe that's what the Koch brothers find so appealing in Senator Portman. Maybe that's why Senator Portman was able to outspend his opponent 9-to-1 in 2010. Nine-to-one. Look, Ted is going to be outspent, too. But we can't let this thing get to nine-to-one against Ted. We can't. There's too much at stake.

I confess, I love Ted Strickland. I've known him a long time, and Ted has always been on the side of working folks: the middle class who are the backbone of our country, and the working poor who are struggling to live the American Dream. From jobs to decent wages to health care to college affordability, Ted is on our side. Now we need to be on Ted's side.




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