OH-Sen: The Most Pro-TPP Senator Launches Six Figure Ad Buy Duping Voters That He Fights For Workers | THE POLITICUS

OH-Sen: The Most Pro-TPP Senator Launches Six Figure Ad Buy Duping Voters That He Fights For Workers


OH-Sen: The Most Pro-TPP Senator Launches Six Figure Ad Buy Duping Voters That He Fights For Workers

Want proof that voting for trade deals like the TPP that kill American jobs is just bad politics, especially when you're running for re-election next year? May I present to you U.S. Senator Rob Portman's (R. OH) new ad campaign to try and dupe working class voters:

Former Bush Trade Representative & U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R. OH) took the most pro-TPP corporate cash.

Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-Ohio). campaign will launch a six-figure digital ad buy on Thursday that seeks to portray him as a fighter for blue-collar workers in Ohio.

The Portman campaign released a two-minute video called “Guarding Ohio Jobs” that highlights an episode in which Portman fought to have language removed from a federal spending bill that could have driven up costs for some Ohio manufacturing plants.

The ad features testimony from managers and employees of a company called Gregory Industries, a “five-generations old company” with about 125 employees that make guardrails at a plant in Canton, Ohio.

“If the bill passed, the company would not be what it is today,” one of the company’s owners says in the ad. “It would be gone, and the 125 jobs would disappear. Sen. Portman stepped in and stopped that from happening.”

“Rob Portman is on the side of the guy working two jobs, long shifts, trying to make ends meet,” says one longtime employee in the ad. “Rob Portman is on our side.”

The Portman campaign says the digital ad is the first in a series. - The Hill, 6/18/15

Again, let me remind you which Senator took the most corporate cash to push through the TPP:

Almost 100% of the Republicans in the US Senate voted for fast-track – the only two non-votes on TPA were a Republican from Louisiana and a Republican from Alaska.

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, who is the former US trade representative, has been one of the loudest proponents of the TPP. He received $119,700 from 14 different corporations between January and March, most of which comes from donations from Goldman Sachs ($70,600), Pfizer ($15,700), and Procter & Gamble ($12,900). Portman is expected to run against former Ohio governor Ted Strickland in 2016 in one of the most politically competitive states in the country. - The Guardian, 5/27/15

Ohio Democrats have been hitting Portman on his record for pushing trade deals that have shipped jobs overseas and his likely opponent, former Governor Ted Strickland (D. OH), has been making this a serious campaign issue:

Ted Strickland, former Governor of Ohio, speaks during the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. Bloomberg New Energy Finance provides industry information and analysis to investors, corporations and governments in clean energy, low carbon technologies and the carbon markets. Photographer: Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Strickland voiced opposition to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a potential free-trade agreement with 11 Asian and Pacific Rim countries, as a danger to Ohio manufacturing jobs. Portman supports giving President Barack Obama authority to negotiate an agreement, with his decision on the deal to depend on its details.

Strickland said the “second most-important vote” he cast while serving in the U.S. House was to oppose the North American Free Trade Agreement in the mid-1990s that he said harmed Ohio. “The TPP is NAFTA on steroids,” he said.

(The most important vote he ever cast, Strickland said, was to oppose President George W. Bush’s decision to send U.S. troops into Iraq in 2003.) - Columbus Dispatch, 5/22/15

Please be sure to sign the CREDO Action petition urging Senate Democrats to stand strong on opposing fast tracking the TPP:

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