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Obama’s Press Secretary Defends Sean Spicer In Stunning Attack Against Trump (Video)

At this disastrous moment in Donald Trump’s short presidency, most Americans couldn’t miss former President Barack Obama and his classy administration more.

While the country is still reeling from the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey and the chaos that followed as Trump made contradicting statements against his own team, it’s clear that things are falling apart and Trump wants to blame everyone but himself. While much of the recent ugly backlash is falling on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, today he got an unexpected save from Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Katy Tur, Earnest gave his thoughts on a claim Spicer made earlier today, in which the frustrated, burnt out Trump minion said he doesn’t always have time to get Trump’s thoughts before he heads to the briefing room, which explains the constant confusion and mixed messages from the Trump administration.

In speaking to Tur, Earnest stressed that there is a “grave responsibility” to make sure that any information coming from the POTUS is accurate. However, Earnest actually defended Spicer in the end. Earnest said he’s “sympathetic to Sean’s plight when he says that there are days where he can’t get into the Oval Office before he does the briefing.”

And making sure that the right person got the blame, Earnest didn’t mince his words to let the public know this was Trump’s fault:

That’s not Sean’s fault, that’s the fault of the President of the United States, who needs to empower his press secretary and his spokespeople to understand what he’s thinking and be able to accurately relate it to the world.”

Earnest said that in cases where a press secretary can’t meet with the president beforehand to get all the facts straight, “that’s going to be a problem.” Hopefully, Trump heeds Earnest’s warning and actually lets Spicer in on what’s going on in that crazy head of his.

You can watch Earnest put Trump on blast below:

The problem is not Sean Spicer, its the President of the United States. – Josh Earnest

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