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ObamaCare is Off the Table in “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations

Those who poured out in droves to vote for President Obama, who by the way, won a second term in office, deserve to have what they stood in long lines on Election Day for. The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, is part of that.

It seems that Republican House Speaker John Boehner does not get it; President Obama won and his signature health care law stands. Our health care system is not going to go back to emergency room care for those who cannot afford health insurance, and tens of of Americans without decent care. It is time to move forward, with the full implementation of the law taking effect in 2014, just a little over a year away.

The first thing on the table and up for negotiations is the of the Bush-era tax cuts for the top 2 percent. Then maybe some adjustments in Medicare and Medicaid but Senate Majority Reid said he would not a deal with Social Security cuts. Social Security after all, is not the reason for the fiscal crisis in the first place.

is, or will be part of ObamaCare, and even though there is surely some savings that can be had, but cutting the program so that it serves fewer people, is not an option. Medicaid is after all, for those who cannot afford health care.

As far as Medicare, we would be better off if it was expanded, so that everyone 55 years old and older would qualify for it. That way, those who are more apt to face medical conditions can get the care they need and the private market can concentrate on providing health care for everyone else, with a less risk factor for illness, through ObamaCare.

Republicans have fought to ObamaCare many times since they took over the U.S. House in 2011 and consistently failed at it. Now here they are, trying to the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. I am confident the president will not give into any idea that ObamaCare should be on the negotiating table. It is after all, his greatest achievement and one that he will go down in history for accomplishing. Nothing is going to move him toward allowing it to be taken down by the very people who have tried to stand in its way since its creation, Republican lawmakers.

ObamaCare is here to stay and starting in 2014, millions of Americans will finally have the health care they have long needed. If Republicans want to do something about ObamaCare, work with the Democrats to make it better. Ending it will get them nowhere, amending it in a bipartisan fashion will show that they, Republicans in our congress, are finally, and again, acting like real adults instead of children, as they have been for the last four years.

In my opinion, ObamaCare will prove itself, the health care system will improve and eventually it will evolve to become America’s own style of health care for all. Then we can all hold our heads a little higher, that finally we are taking care of all our citizens, rich and poor. But then, isn’t it something we should have done long ago?

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