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Obama Just Surpassed Trump YET Again; This Will Hurt Him More Than TIME Magazine’s Denial

It’s hard to imagine what goes through Trump’s mind when he sees how much more people like his predecessor than they do him. After all, a significant portion of Trump’s presidency so far has been spent transparently attempting to undo things that Obama did that people loved, and doing it just for the sake of spiting him.

So it has to be hard on the fragile ego of the ex-reality show star.

Like many celebrities, it is important to Trump that he be loved by fans. I mean, those are the worst celebrities, but he’s definitely not alone. But nobody seems to suffer the indignities of trying to follow in someone’s footsteps quite like Donald J. Trump does. And the simple fact is, it’s effortless — at no point has Barack Obama even tried to make Trump look like a fool.

It just comes naturally.

So when Twitter came out with a list of the most-retweeted messages of 2017, I’m certain it was like a thing Trump didn’t even know he was waiting for or hoping to win, but somehow didn’t, AGAIN. Twitter is, of course, Trump’s favorite platform, and the medium he uses to get past the “fake news” media. He tweets more than almost any celebrity on the social media giant. But he lives in a tiny bubble — an echo chamber — where he thinks that the loudness of his supporters equals more support. So I’m sure once he heard there even was a list of the most-retweeted, he assumed he would be not just on it, but atop it.

Heck, Trump’s self-confidence is so infectious that YOU probably might have assumed he would be on such a list.

Unfortunately, math and reality had different plans for Trump on Tuesday.

Not only did Trump not appear on the list, but the man who isn’t even president anymore — who uses Twitter possibly one one-hundredth as much as Trump does — didn’t just make the “” list, he made it three times:

I mean, to be fair to Trump, those are pretty damn good tweets.

Still, that’s gotta sting.

Featured image via Scott Olson