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Obama Grants GOP Wish: Arrives At Louisiana Floods And Tells Them To Shut Up (VIDEO)

They have nobody to blame for this but themselves. Republicans have spent the better part of a week, possibly more, doing nothing but attacking President Obama for not immediately going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to tour the historic flooding that occurred. They called him every name in the book that could be said on TV and tried to one-up him by getting there first.

Well, now he showed up and the contrast between the Republican clown capers and a real presidential visit couldn’t be more damaging for them. I hope they’re happy with themselves.

Republicans rolled Donald Trump into town ahead of Obama, where he handed out play-doh for a full minute before he walked away from the cameras and gave $100,000 to a church that just happened to have anti-LGBT bigot Tony Perkins as it’s temporary pastor. They were sure that this incredible circus of embarrassment would differentiate them from the “weak Obama” who was not on the scene.

It sure did, except not in the way they hoped. While all of the media is talking about how ridiculous and borderline fraudulent Trump and Republicans have been in their “relief” efforts, President Obama showed up and ended the discussion on who is, or isn’t acting “presidential” in Baton Rouge.

Obama dropped a short but no-punches-pulled statement regarding the relief efforts and reminded conservatives who the president still is. Taking an indirect, but very strong jab at Trump and Republicans, he rebuked people like them who showed up “for the cameras” by saying that the efforts aren’t about photo ops or temporary media distractions. He also reminded everyone that a lot of work will need to be done to get people’s lives back in order.

He was, in short, presidential. Republicans were not. I bet they wish they weren’t spending days drawing up media anticipation for his arrival now. Thanks to them, everyone was watching his speech.

Watch President Obama show that Republicans have no class below:

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