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Obama Gives Federal Aid To Flood-Ravaged West Virginia Instead Of ‘Thoughts And Prayers’

Flood-Ravaged West Virginia

The people of West Virginia are struggling after flooding destroyed homes, cut off electricity to thousands, and killed 24.

West Virginia climatologist Kevin Law in the state and Governor Earl Tomblin called the flood “among the worst in a century.”

But rather than just send “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of the flood like Republicans do whenever tragedies strike such as the Orlando mass shooting, President Obama is actually taking action to help West Virginia get through this disaster and rebuild.

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President Barack Obama’s signature Saturday on the federal disaster declaration lets residents in Greenbrier, Kanawha and Nicholas counties get aid for temporary housing and home repairs, receive low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and qualify for other assistance for individuals and business owners. Federal money to help the state and local governments is also available on a cost-sharing basis. FEMA officials were in the state to begin assessing the damage to infrastructure, homes and other property.

Again, President Obama is not simply relying on “thoughts and prayers” to make West Virginia all better. He’s actually doing something substantial to make sure West Virginians are taken care of during this difficult time.

Of course, Republicans are probably also throwing a fit because the last thing they want to do is send disaster relief funds to a state in need. After all, Republicans bitterly resisted doing anything to help the East coast after Hurricane Sandy flooded parts of many states in 2012. Luckily, President Obama did everything he could to make sure states like New Jersey and New York received federal assistance.

Ever since the terrorist attack in Orlando Republicans have refused to do anything to prevent terrorists from buying guns legally in this country to use against us. Instead, they merely offered “thoughts and prayers” while rejecting proposals that would ban suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms. This failure to act disgusting Democrats to the point where led a revolt in the House in an effort to force a vote on the bills.

America deserves a Congress that will act to prevent tragedies and a Congress that will act to help those in need when a tragedy does occur. For now, the American people can only rely on President Obama to get things done when action is needed most.

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