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Obama’s Lean, Mean Military Machine

Even President Barack Obama’s most ardent detractors would have to admit; the Obama administration’s record of military success is a tough record to detract from; not that they haven’t tried.

President Obama’s most successful and most popular success; the killing of Osama bin Laden tops the list of military accomplishments, bar none. Along with that unforgettable feat performed by such a courageous and skilled military team, under Obama’s presidency, many other members of Al Qaeda have been routed out and many of their top lieutenants eradicated.

President Obama either has been very lucky in his decision-making concerning military excursions of the United States or else he’s a very sharp and intelligent Commander and Chief. I will take the latter because luck is for Las Vegas – not the White House.

If we take a look at his decision regarding Libya and the new meaning to the phrase “Leading from Behind”, this is a fine example of Obama’s methodology and smarter way than placing our troops on the ground, guaranteeing a loss of American lives.

Then there is the long line of would-be terrorist who have been taken out by the use of drones, which any military advisor would tell you, is the most advanced and most surgically accurate and specific technology that has ever been used by the Department of Defense.

I realize the use of drones has been a huge part of the success Obama’s military policy has had over the course of his term in office, but he could have just as easily discounted the use of drones and followed in the steps of his predecessor, George W. Bush by ordering troops on the ground in Libya and other hotspots to accomplish the tasks at hand.  That would have been disastrous I’m sure; more loss of life and loss of our nation’s treasure. It sure wouldn’t have helped his approval ratings.

After two wars fought at the same time which in my opinion, have given back nothing in regards to national security, Americans are weary of more wars. Those wars cost our nation $3.7 trillion and still counting yet could not take out the primary target; Osama bin Laden. The loss of life is even a much bigger reason why big wars should be avoided if possible; President Obama obviously gets that message.

The precision of drones and the effectiveness of Obama’s military policy set a new precedent for this country’s method of delivering military might. President Obama took a small band of highly trained Navy SEALS and took care of Osama bin Laden with no American fatalities and on a budget that probably couldn’t buy a decent meal at Denny’s.

I’m exaggerating about the budget of course, but with only the loss of a helicopter and a diplomatic snafu with the Pakistani government; it was a lot less expensive than starting another war.

President Obama’s legacy I believe will reflect well in history as being the man who changed America in so many ways. Though there have been many accomplishments by this president in just his first term, such as his signature health care bill, the Affordable Care Act and the repeal of DODT, I believe he’ll also be remembered for the beginning of a new military age that he helped bring us to, with America at the front, strong as ever.

The GOP has always claimed the mantle of the party with the strongest foreign policy backbone but I think President Obama has robbed them of that mantle for himself, and hopefully for the Democrats too for many decades to come.

Though Republican lawmakers may criticize him, they also know that he has a good record when it comes to military policy. They may call him apologetic in public but behind closed doors, I can imagine their fuming more over his many successes than his so-called apologies.

America has an opportunity here: Thanks in no small part to Barack Obama we can look into the future and see a more peaceful world, with technology in drone warfare taking the human factor out of the equation and small bands of well-trained soldiers eliminating severe problems with thorough effectiveness. Though I can only imagine what that could mean for our nation and for the world in the long run, but for the immediate future it helps to keeps America safe.

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