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Oathkeepers predict: Clinton wins.. Civil War..Trump..not so much..goofy slogans

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Unbelievable.   The Oathkeepers ( cough cough) have reported or warned rather, that if Hillary

Clinton becomes president, there will be an all out Civil War.   Trump? well, not so dramatic in their eyes.   They predict there will be civil unrest much like Ferguson.  You know, black and POC acting all thug like burning cars and riots.  ( their summation, not mine).   Quite a jump from Civil War to Civil Unrest, wouldn’t you agree? 

The truth is anyway this thing turns out, it will be a mess for civil unrest.   The country is not coming together anytime soon.   The anger is high and the brains have dropped down in the toilet for the republicans from where I saw the clown car parked last.   We have a cross and flag waving theocrat and a full blown racist stirring all kinds of things up from building walls to mandating prayer.    I am not worried about Civil War as much as World War with those conservative nuts.

The Right Wing Watch reported this:

In an article published on the website of the anti-government organization Oath Keepers last week, Brandon Smith, who often writes for the organization, reviews what he calls “The Weirdest Possible Outcomes For The Strangest Election In U.S. History,” including what he says is the strong possibility that a victory by Hillary Clinton would provoke “outright civil war.” - See more at: www.rightwingwatch.org/...

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if Hillary Clinton is chosen by the establishment to take Obama’s place, the result would probably be outright civil war in the U.S. The level of hatred among conservatives for that woman is so stratospheric I cannot see any other outcome. It might not happen immediately, but a solid bet would be conflagration within her first term.

With a Trump win, I could also see at the very least nationwide riots similar in tone to those that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, with the social justice cultists running wild with their goofy slogans and molotov cocktails. These people are a paper tiger however, and are only a threat if they manage to convince a majority of the ethnic American population to follow their lead

- See more at: www.rightwingwatch.org/…

These people really, really underestimate the people on the left who stand with the people of color.

I suppose living in all white neighborhoods with all white friends and never listening to anything that rattles differently than your own rhetoric, will buy you this kind of delusion.  They did not mention Sanders.  It would be the same if not worse feelings toward him.  These people hate us… They really do.

We do indeed live in interesting times.  Dangerous times...and Bigoted times.  I have no clue how we hold on to a country after November when the opposition is running these cast of characters backed by this mindset of supporters.    I suggest we start making sure we have a clear win legislatively on the down ballots.  That is a good start to combat the ugly coming this fall.  please vote, otherwise it might just be the last election in America.