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NYT Article Says What Everyone’s Thinking About Trump’s Racism, White House Flips Out

In so obvious that I’m amazed the New York Times wasted editorial space on it, writers Dan Barry and John Eligon detailed how Donald Trump’s name — that paragon of success he’s cultivated so carefully for decades that at least some businesses are still not embarrassed to have it on the side of their building in gaudy gold 3-foot lettering — has over the last 2 years become a racial epithet.

Dear readers, I know that you know this, because you’ve seen it on television, in YouTube clips of xenophobic white people cursing out even the almond-skinned at Wal-Mart, on bumper stickers, and in the compensatingly menacing glare of rednecks daring you to meet their gaze at protests.

But for the New York Times, who were blindsided that about the “Nazi Next Door” would be received so critically at the end of November, perhaps their tone-deafness has extended a little further into the holiday season.

Barry and Eligon repeated for us the details of the  who invoked Trump at a high school basketball game who went viral at the beginning of the month. They cite the FBI Crime data we’ve all been looking at since January, when hate crimes began to spike, specifically in instances where the perpetrators shouted something about Trump at their victims. They spell out some of the hateful graffiti that’s been sprayed across America in the name of the Bigot-in-Chief. It’s news to them, I guess.

It is most certainly not news to us.

The only thing surprising, in fact, in the entire article — which I swear to God I read even though it was colossally redundant — was how the White House, clearly contacted by the Times for comment prior to publication, responded to the shocking allegation that the most racist president the country has ever had could ever be culpably implicated in such horrors.

From the Times:

In an email, the White House on Friday denounced the use of the president’s name in cases like these. “The president condemns violence, bigotry and hatred in all its forms, and finds anyone who might invoke his or any other political figure’s name for such aims to be contemptible,” Raj Shah, a White House spokesman, said.

“Contemptible” is the loudest four syllables of hypocrisy ever uttered by the Trump administration. Trump has purposefully stoked racial fears and resentment not just since he called all Mexicans rapists, but since he called for the death penalty for 5 young men of color in the non-capital case of the Central Park Jogger back in 1989.

Those kids were eventually exonerated, and I’ll bet you’ve even been near a Mexican or two who didn’t rape you.

Maybe the New York Times would like to speak to you for an article.

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