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NY Daily News Picks A Side On Puerto Rico, Runs Cover Of ‘Hamilton’ Star’s Brutal Takedown Of Trump

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind the smash hit musical “Hamilton,” is Puerto Rican. You know what comes next.

On Saturday, Donald Trump took umbrage at the near-universal criticism of his garbage response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, which Trump may or may not have only recently learned is populated by United States citizens. And as everyone knows, when Little Donnie feels insulted, he goes on the attack. Trump tore into not just the Mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan, but into the residents of the disaster-stricken island.

Although plenty of big names had already criticized Trump over his offensive tweets and lackadaisical approach to what has now become a genuine humanitarian crisis, it proved to be the last straw for the Puerto Rican superstar, who wasted no time firing right back at Trump over his insensitive, bullshit tweets. Miranda quoted Trump’s tweets and added his own commentary:

When Trump went after San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, Miranda had sharp words.

And when Trump attacked the citizens of Puerto Rico, all but calling them “lazy,” Lin-Manuel let him have it:

Miranda’s takedown was so epic, even Donald Trump’s hometown newspaper, the New York Daily News, decided the response was front page news.

So they’re putting it on the front page:

It’s got to sting coming from someone who’s not just brown, but far more honored among Americans than Trump himself. All that’s left is to see where the framed cover will go on Miranda’s shelf among the Pulitzer, three Tonys, two Grammys, and an Emmy.

You only get awards like that with perfect delivery, and today, Lin-Manuel Miranda delivered a punch in the fat orange gut of the Pretender-in-Chief.

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