Now I am pleading with people to stop another racist and possible stomping ground for shooter 

Now I am pleading with people to stop another racist and possible stomping ground for shooter

OK, I have posted many times on here that there was a place in Georgia that is beyond the pale,  It is on Facebook.  It has it's own website.  

People are now. about the shooter, on TV saying, " We had plenty of warning this shooter was unstable.  Why didn't someone do something?  He was a guest on a talk show.  He had racist, radical views.   They are saying that now after all these folks are shot.  I then read this.

The documents said that even though he lived in Phenix City, Houser came to Carroll County, Ga., where they lived and “perpetrated various acts of family violence.”

 Trust me, Carroll County is nowhere close to Columbus or LaGrange.   The cops there are also terrible, IMO.  Villa Rica PD was written up for racial profiling under the Bush administration.    Check out the stomping grounds of this area of Ga.  Wanna bet these two know each other?

Carroll County I know.  I lived in Carroll County.  I grew up not 8 miles from Carroll County.  We have a few Kossacks on here who do know the West Ga area.   I started looking when my son that just started college said they were investigating in Carroll County.   This guy would have fit in, in certain areas of the county.  The area is extremely red .....Tea Party strong.  That is not what I am talking about though.

This place....That I have posted before needs to be shut down completely.
I wonder if police will talk to this guy.
I wonder if I have passed that shooter on the streets before we moved.
This kind of place breeds hate and hate crimes and in my opinion is scary as Hell.
It is known as the Klan Bar.

If you look through the disgusting picture long enough you will even see LE officers
eating in that place.  I don't have the stomach for it anymore.  WSB news had done specials on it... The AJC has done articles on it and even the SPLC.  It is past time to shut that place down.

Some FBI agent needs to talk to THAT sick owner how well he knew the shooter because I would bet money he did..

Disturbing Images......

Now to be fair....These counties are border counties.. Paulding... Carroll and Buchannan
but Temple is in Carroll County.  The restaurant may sit in Paulding but we are talking about two little counties side by side.  I think it actually sits on the line.

Read this disgusting Wonkette piece about defending this POS free speech,

Carroll County and Paulding County are close enough does not really matter


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