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A North Carolina Judge Just RUINED The GOP’s Voter Suppression Efforts

Remember how North Carolina Republicans recently attempted to suppress  the vote with a last-minute purge of the voter rolls? Well, the NAACP’s lawsuit which demanded they immediately put a stop to the  “coordinated effort to suppress the Black vote in the state” with a move “right out of the GOP [election rigging] playbook to suppress the Black vote in the state” was more successful than one could have hoped.

On Saturday, U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs issued a preliminary injunction forcing North Carolina to restore thousands of voter registrations that had been “systemically” purged since August thanks to right-wing activists. The reports:

The voters’ names were removed through challenges filed by activists, which the NAACP said was illegal because of the proximity to the election. Challengers in Moore and Cumberland counties include volunteers with the Voter Integrity Project, a group that says it aims to guard against voter fraud.

But Biggs took issue with the process in her ruling.

“Voter enfranchisement cannot be sacrificed when citizens through no fault of their own have been removed from the voter rolls,” she said. “Moreover, electoral integrity is enhanced, not diminished, when all citizens who are eligible to vote are allowed to exercise that right free from interference and burden unnecessarily imposed by others.”

State Board of Elections spokesman Pat Gannon said the board is “working quickly to establish the procedures necessary to fully comply with the court order.” However, board attorney Josh Lawson said the state has not yet decided whether it will appeal facets of the ruling, potentially after the election.

The Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP, said the judge’s decision “will help make sure not a single voter’s voice is unlawfully taken away.” The group, he added, “will not back down and allow this suppression to continue.”

The GOP loves their voter suppression efforts. On Friday, a newspaper recently purchased by GOP megadonor and Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson tweeted out the wrong poll closing time for early voting — a period that generally favors Democrats. Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal told Nevada voters the polls closed at 7 pm, three hours earlier than they actually closed.

The tweet was deleted after people began to notice this bit of trickery.

The GOP is up to the same old tricks again. Be sure to vote on November 8 (or November 28, ). We can’t let them win like this, but lies and deception are all they have.

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