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‘No U.S. Press Allowed’: Trump Only Allowing Russian State Media To Cover Meeting With Russian Officials

Just one day after Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey, the very man who is leading an investigation into his administration’s ties to Russia, the former reality show star met with Russian government officials in the Oval Office. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov was there for a previously scheduled chat with Trump.

But, Russia’s U.S. Ambassador Sergei Kislyak was there, too. He’s the guy who now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions famously and conveniently forgot to mention that he had previously met with. You know how you can get all those Russian meetings mixed up. Well, that happened to Sessions, too. That earned Sessions accusations of perjury so he recused himself from any involvement with the probe into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. That is, until Sessions suggested to Trump that he fire Comey.

Oh, and remember Trump’s “America First” slogan? Well, that’s not happening anymore. It’s Russia First at his meeting with officials from the hostile foreign government because no one from the U.S. media is allowed in the Oval Office while he meets with his comrades. Only Russian reporters are allowed to cover the event.

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler confirmed that U.S. media outlets are not allowed to cover the event.

“NO US press allowed in with meeting with so we have to rely on images from Russian state media,” Kessler tweeted.

Sessions met with Kislyak twice during the 2016 presidential campaign and that’s not suspicious at all, nor is this meeting straight after firing Director Comey. Wow, if only we had been warned that this would happen if Trump was elected. Oh, wait. In 2016, Hillary Clinton that Trump would be Putin’s “puppet.” But, you know, emails…

It’s not as if Clinton is a prophet. Trump has openly lavished praise on the murderous Russian leader on several occasions.

Featured image via Russian media, duh!