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No Seriously. Elizabeth Warren will be Hillary Clinton Running Mate

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's major flaw in the Democratic Primary, above all others, is the fact she is a Centrist. Hillary Clinton is not a true blue liberal or staunch progressive (as defined in the 2016 elections). Sure, she holds lots of liberal positions and compared to the GOP she's super liberal. But at Hillary Clinton's core she is a centrist (And to quote a Seinfeld line: "not that there's anything wrong with that"). She's the type of politician who will look at both sides of an issue and try to meet in the middle all the time. And that's not what liberals and progressives are looking for this election cycle.

They want a true blue liberal. They want Bernie Sanders. But they would also take Elizabeth Warren in a second. If you recall, she was the original choice to run as the liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton.

So, if you're Hillary Clinton what should you do to bring together the Democratic party after the Primary? How about nominate a liberal running mate? Hillary Clinton has two real choices. Nominate the young Congressmen from Texas, Joaquín Castro​; who liberals hardly know or nominate​ Elizabeth Warren? If you couldn't tell from my title, the choice seems pretty easy to me. As much as I love Joaquín Castro​. People don't know who he is. Could he convince​ Bernie Sanders voters to turn out in big numbers on Nov 8th? I don't think so. He would just exacerbate​ Hillary Clinton's trust issues with the base.

Hillary Clinton needs someone to help her mend fences and bring the Democratic party together against Donald Trump. And the person who can help her do that best is Elizabeth Warren. And if they are successful that would mean a female President for the next 16 years!