No Doubt About It, I Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If 

No Doubt About It, I Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If

she wins the primary.

Will I be happy, no, but I'm not going to commit stupidity and vote Republican.

Up until that point I will support and donate to Bernie Sanders.

I see no point in attacking Hillary Clinton, as giving the right more drool fuel than they already have is just plain nuts. If Clinton wins the primary the hate, misogyny and toxicity on show will be truly appalling.

Hell I'm not even a Democrat [never will be either] but it has been a fact that for at least the last 60 years that the Republicans make handling plutonium safe by comparison.

Also I really don't like the bipartisan center as that operates for one group of people alone, the extremely wealthy and coddles within it the warmongers.

I don't like the two party first past the post system, but are we going to change that anytime soon?

I don't like the corruption and favors linked to how campaigns are financed, it distorts further an already distorted system.

Personally I can live with President Obama's policies and by the same logic Hillary Clinton's. I may not like the policies, I may disagree loudly and in my opinion they are too easily dragged to right of the great divide, but to even think of allowing another Republican jackass into the White House just makes me want to vomit.

I have said for a long time that if you want to change the Democratic Party you have to do it from the ground up. That is one of the reasons I support Bernie Sanders 100% as to me this is a sign of a shift in the debate. Elizabeth Warren another. Politicians unafraid of speaking their minds, taking risks and above all fighting for our corner are rare on the left. The right have no trouble whatsoever digging up crazy folk as their primary field shows. The best thing that has happened this cycle is that Donald Trump has thrown his keys into the pot. Let the orgy of crazy begin.

As I did last time with Clinton and Obama, I reserve the right not to get involved in the pie fights, if you want to, be my guest. Policies are what matter.

Go Bernie.