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Nixon: Paper Cut - Trump: Blood Bath

Trump has proclaimed this to be "American Dream Week". Learning of this filled me with hope and optimism. That means there's a chance that I might yet awaken from this fucking nightmare.
Idiot Nation.
Watching the rolling implosion of the administration of Donald John Trump is quickly becoming a vocation with me. It's almost like reliving Watergate, only this time I'm viewing the political carnage through the eyes of an adult. The other day I told a young friend who just turned nineteen what incredible times these are to be alive. He fully agreed and understood clearly the historical implications of what is now occurring in the land of the weird. I never dreamed that we would ever again come to this point. Although thirty years ago I truly believed (and still believe) that the Iran/Contra affair (or "Contra-gate" as it was popularly known) had the clear potential to be worse than Watergate, it slowly withered on the vine. In 1987, Congress lacked the political courage to take on Ronald Reagan, and the Gipper was allowed to finish his term unscathed. I still think that they should have impeached the silly bastard. 
What is happening in 2017 is very different indeed. The Trump White House is within a few months of falling of its own weight; the principle players in this nightmare - the president of the United States included - are staring to behave like a mass of cornered and panicked rats. The veil of deceit is on fire. Once the sins of the Trump Mob are on view for all to behold, there will be no place left to hide. And once it is clearly understood the American people what these disgusting bastards and bitches have done to their once great nation, even most of the base of der Donald's support, they will be hankering for a serious payback. Is it ay wonder why, in recent weeks, he's been behaving more unhinged than we've come to expect? He's falling completely apart.
The bells of doom are being tolled by Special Council Bob Mueller. When it came to light a couple of days ago that he had impaneled a grand jury, I knew then and there that it was the beginning of the end. Son-in-law Jared Kushner no longer bears the serene disposition of a choirboy on opioids. He is a man tormented and desperate. Daughter Ivanka Trump has been keeping to herself in recent days. One wonders if she is terrified that Jared is going to turn on Daddy in order to ingratiate Mueller and company in return for  bit of leniency. That would make for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner, no doubt about it. No doubt, with their elite educations, they have studied Shakespearian tragedy to a degree that eludes the rumpled and filthy masses. I wonder if they aren't being bogged down by the analogies at this very moment. Can  you even imagine? It's a safe bet that if couldn't be much fun being Jared and Ivanka these days.
It's also an easy wager that, in the days to come, Trump and his minions will stoop to horrifically stupid and reckless depths in order to distract his already comically distracted fellow countrymen and women. I'm not conclusively saying that they're going to create their very own, Made-in-America Reichstag Fire, I'm just warning you not to put it past them. Cornered rats are known to be quite unpredictable. The "leader of the free world" has already shown his sociopathic tendencies. At this point, anything can happen. Brace yourselves for the shit storm.
I've seen quite a few bumper stickers in recent weeks that say:
But Trump is the clown from hell, the type that frightens children and small animals. We're way past the point when he was a mere irritating amusement. We've elected to the office that was once occupied by Abraham Lincoln a paid agent of a hostile foreign government. Does that sound like an extreme statement? Stay tuned.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


Here's a link to a very informative documentary that documents this hideous bastard's ties to Russia organized crime:

This is going to end very badly, but I repeat myself.


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