NH-Sen: PPP Shows A Toss Up Between Maggie Hassan (D) & Kelly Ayotte (R)

Some more encouraging news courtesy of PPP:


A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that a recent barrage of ads attacking NewHampshire Governor Maggie Hassan hasn’t had much impact- she remains more popular than Senator Kelly Ayotte and a race for Senate between the two continues to look like a sheer toss up.

Key findings from the survey include:

-Hassan leads Ayotte 45/44 in a head to head, numbers that are almost identical to PPP’s
last survey of New Hampshire in April that found Hassan leading 46/45. Hassan has a
substantial advantage with women (54/35), and edges Ayotte among the state’s critical
independent voters at 42/40.

-Hassan continues to be more popular than Ayotte. 50% of voters approve of the job
she’s doing to 42% who disapprove. By contrast just 46% approve of Ayotte, with 43%
disapproving of her.

-One key issue where Hassan is considerably more in line with the voters of New
Hampshire than Ayotte is gay marriage. 57% of voters in the state say they agree with the
Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage nationally to only 37% who disagree.
Ayotte’s position is one held by an increasingly smaller and smaller minority of her
constituents. - PPP, 7/9/15

Hopefully we'll be hearing from Hassan soon on her decision. Stay tuned.