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NH-Sen: Maggie Hassan (D) Calls On Congress To Repeal Citizens United

Received this e-mail today from Governor Maggie Hassan's (D. NH) U.S. Senate campaign:
Before I even announced my campaign for Senate, special interest groups had dumped $2.5 million into dark money attacks against me.

That's been their go-to strategy ever since the Supreme Court's egregious Citizens United ruling — and each year since, powerful special interests and lobbyists have further rigged the system for themselves and against the middle class.

In five years, nothing's been done to stop them from undermining our democracy — but enough is enough. I hope you will join me and tell Washington that your voice must be counted: Add your name now to tell Congress to repeal Citizens United and put our elections back in the hands of American voters!


I have always believed that money should not dictate whether a person is heard — all voices should be equal in our political process. That's democracy.

I'm so proud of our country's roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic: We band together to get things done. Now we need to tell Washington to take the same approach — we can't let corporate special interests and lobbyists keep drowning us out with big checks.

If we're going to take back the Senate and bring commonsense action for everyday Americans to Washington, we need voters to have a real say.

It's time to speak out:

Please add your name to tell Congress to end Citizens United!


With every good wish,

Maggie Hassan

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