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New Poll: Trump Might Face Difficult Reelection (And Some Other Hilariously DUH-Tastic Results)

I don’t know how anyone has time to be doing polls. Honestly. How can we even keep up with the coming out of this administration? I wish I could say was just coming from Trump because that’s the least scary part. Everyone who didn’t vote for him knows the guy’s an idiot. But it has been disturbing to find out that the rest of his staff — and even most of his Cabinet — also belong to the… Um, what’s the opposite of MENSA? DENSA? Is that a thing? They should make that a thing.

Apparently, Public Policy Polling has time for polls, which makes sense. So we’ll call it fulfilling their duties, as they release  which show that a pretty sizeable chunk of America falls way outside the scoring range for the DENSA club we just made up.

Let’s summarize the best of the poll, which was conducted over the weekend:

  • Donald Trump’s job performance: 54% disapprove
  • Think Donald Trump is a liar: 51%
  • Keep what works in Obamacare and fix what doesn’t: 64%
  • Likelihood of  representatives who voted for Trumpcare: 47%
  • Think the president’s press secretaries should tell the truth all the time: 77% HOLD. ON.

Is that a question in a poll? I guess it is. It actually looks like there are people who didn’t think so, or . We should definitely make DENSA a thing. Okay, back to the summary.

  • Do not think that Donald Trump has made America great again: 55%
  • Trump should : 62%
  • Think Russia wanted Donald Trump to win the 2016 election: 60%
  • Appoint a special prosecutor: 62%
  • Trump should resign: 54%

I highlighted those last two because you’d think that after you got to this point in the poll, you’d essentially be done. It was Mother’s Day weekend, right? You can go on lunch, or , or whatever pollsters do once they’ve gotten to the part where more than half the country thinks the current president should resign and/or face possible criminal charges for his gross incompetence. Did I even mention the part about and ‘s approval ratings yet? The point is, things are bad for Republicans all over the map.

But they weren’t done. Not at all. Have you even seen a poll about a president that didn’t have potential matchups between them and some hypotheticals? Let’s see how Trump did. In fact, to save time, let’s just note how much every single possible opponent beats Trump by, among all voters:

  • Joe Biden: 14 points (54/40)
  • Bernie Sanders: 13 points (52/39)

These two are significant because they grab some Trump defectors — 14 percent of Trump voters said they would choose Bernie if they could do it over again, and 13 percent of that same crowd said they’d pull the lever for Joe.

  • Liz Warren: 10 points (49/39)
  • Al Franken: 8 points (46/38)
  • Cory Booker: 7 points (46/39)
  • Dwayne “THE F*CKING ROCK, YOU GUYS” Johnson: 5 points (42/37)

That’s right. After the star of “The Scorpion King” and “Baywatch” that what you might smell cooking was a run at the Oval Office, PPP was compelled to include him in their list of hilarious campaign beatdowns you can imagine Trump suffering if you get too depressed about the real world.

Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah: . I should really google my jokes before I put them in an article.

Featured image via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images