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New Politico/Morning Consult - Clinton +6 in 4-way

This will be a relatively short piece, simply to bring people up to date.

Story on the poll is here with some more detail here.

Some takeaways:

In 4-way, Clinton has held steady at 42% since since 10/2 with the exception of a 1 point dip to 41 on 10/6.  Meanwhile Trump, after rising from 36 on 10/2 to 39 on 10/6 (a result of 1st debate?) he has slid back down to 36.

In the 2-way, Clinton’s lead is only 5 at 46-41, indicating that Johnson is now taking more for Trump than from Clinton.

The poll shows Obama’s approval at only +3 —  49-46.  I would note this net is substantially below what most other polls are showing, where his net seems to range from +7 to +15.

Trump is upside down on favorables, 38-60, net -22.

Clinton also upside down, but not so badly, 42-56, net -14.

    Again those numbers are closer than what we are seeing in other polls.

For other major national figures, consider these positive-negatives

Mitch McConnell 15-39  -24

Paul Ryan  34-43  -9

Nancy Pelosi 25-49  -24

Gary Johnson 22-33  -10

Mike Pence 44-34  +10

Tim Kaine  31-37  -6

The generic House ballot favors Dems, 45-38.

Not much to say about this.  I suspect the sample is actually somewhat more Republican leaning than most national polls, as indicated most of all by Obama’s approval rating.  Even so, it does indicate that Trump is falling.