Need Help - 503 error 

Need Help - 503 error

Sorry folks, but I have been getting 503 errors when trying to access anything on Daily Kos since I signed in this afternoon. All was well when I left about 4 AM Central, but today, checking comments, trying to leave a comment, tip and recommend a diary gives me a 503 error.

I've also tried to use Search to see if there's another diary or comment out there on the 503 error, but Search says "no results".

There's a closed discussion on the Help Desk that says this is a problem limited to Internet Explorer and cookies, but the link left leads to a dead end. The discussion is closed, so I re-opened a new one.

I'm using Windows 7, Internet Explorer 10

I've tried deleting browsing history. No help.

I've unchecked the box that "preserves data from favorite sites" and deleted again. No help either.

So, I'm at a loss on what to do. I know deleting browsing history worked because I have no browser history and the web sites took longer to load (when you preserve the data, you keep enough to enable speedy loading).

Right now I've opened and am using Chrome (which I absolutely don't like) in order to post a plea for help from those who have had and resolved the 503 error that many responded to in the Help Desk trouble report or any of you who have more knowledge than dumb me.

Any help is appreciated, particularly since I'm scheduled for a blogathon on Saturday and won't be around tomorrow (cousin is having a colonoscopy and I need to be with her and stay after that).


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