NC-Gov: PPP Has Roy Cooper (D) Leading Pat McCrory (R) 43-41 

NC-Gov: PPP Has Roy Cooper (D) Leading Pat McCrory (R) 43-41

Some good news today out of North Carolina courtesy of PPP:

PPP's newest North Carolina poll finds Pat McCrory hitting his lowest approval since he took office, largely because of increasing unhappiness with him among Republican leaning voters. Just 33% of voters approve of the job McCrory is doing to 48% who disapprove. By comparison voters were much more evenly divided in their attitudes about him back in February when he had a 40% approval to 44% disapproval.

There's been little movement over the last four months in McCrory's numbers among people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012- he had an 11% approval rating with them in February and it's 14% now. But among people who voted for Mitt Romney last time there's been a much more pronounced decline in McCrory's standing- he's gone from a 69/19 approval with them over the winter down to just 56/29 now. This comes in the wake of McCrory vetoing several pieces of legislation supported by conservatives, and it seems that's hurt him some with the party base.

For a second month in a row Roy Cooper leads McCrory by a narrow margin, 43/41. Although a plurality of North Carolinians (45%) don't know enough about Cooper to have an opinion about him one way or the other he's popular among those who do with 36% rating him favorably to 20% with an unfavorable opinion. Legislative sessions have not been good for McCrory's approval numbers over the years but he has generally recovered from them within a few months after the honorables go home. Time will tell whether McCrory regains the modest advantage he had over Cooper before the last few months. - PPP, 7/9/15

In the U.S. Senate race, Richard Burr (R. NC) has a 28/39 approval rating but he still leads all Democratic challengers:

Burr vs. Former Congressman Heath Shuler 44/36

Burr vs. Former Congressman Mike McIntyre 44/35

Burr vs. Former Congressman Brad Miller 46/36

Burr vs. State Senator Dan Blue 45/35

Burr vs. State Auditor Beth Wood 45/34

Burr vs. State Representative Grier Martin 47/33

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest (R. NC) leads Linda Coleman (D. NC) 43/36. The Senate race still needs time to develop but we have a serious race between Cooper and McCrory. Click here to donate and get involved with Cooper's campaign: