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Nazi Gets Knocked The F*ck Out After Harassing Black Man And Everyone Cheers (VIDEO)

Not all heroes wear capes. On Sunday, Seattle, Washington police received multiple reports of a neo-Nazi wearing a swastika armband starting fights with people.

When they responded to the calls, though, they found something beautiful: someone had gone all Daredevil on Mr. Nazi and no one who witnessed whatever happened wanted to talk to them about it:

So, what happened? It’s actually pretty interesting and involves a whole bunch of people tracking his movements around the city.

Then, someone put out the call that the Nazi, who apparently told people he had weapons and prompted outrage when he was witnessed harassing a black man, needed to be dealt with — and, well, life comes at you fast:

This photo was taken by Sean Patrick Duff who he was “really high on like 800 mg of THC” and on his way to see Baby Driver at the theater when he saw the unidentified Nazi walking around being “belligerent” and yelling “Alex Jones style” when bystanders told him to get lost.

One man told him to “get the fuck out of our city,” which resulted in the Nazi calling the gentleman an “ape.” The Nazi then “threw a banana at him” according to Duff. Another man then ran across the street and became the hero the city needed, knocking the Nazi out.

Some attempted to help the Nazi up, but when a bystander informed them the man on the ground was “Nazi trash” they backed off and refused to provide assistance. “Nobody wanted to help him,” Duff says.

“Everyone was so joyous” seeing a monster of a human being get what he deserves,” Duff says. “It was like a bonding for the community.”

When police arrived, the crowd disappeared in an effort to avoid helping identify the attacker. Ultimately, the sad Nazi took off his stupid swastika armband and left.

A video of the incident was posted on YouTube, but the company chose to protect the white supremacist’s virtue by removing it for violating “YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.”

Fortunately, Twitter doesn’t censor newsworthy events like YouTube does:

Here’s one without the awesome soundtrack:

The person who initially put out the ‘Nazi hunting’ call says that this is a  “logical and necessary step toward a Fascism-free Seattle.”

According to , he’s right.

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