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National Insecurity

Trump’s national security chief resigns, the White House can’t get its story straight on who knew what and when they knew, and Flynn kept getting briefings even after the DOJ warned he could be blackmailed.

Executive orders are stopped by courts, but Trump advisers say they can ignore judges, as they try to appoint a Supreme Court justice, and as ICE detains DACA recipients and other folks just for not having ID.

Israel and China policy change on the fly, legions of civil servants resign en masse while others go rogue within departments that are being led by a Swamp Cabinet of kleptocrats, oligarchs, and autocrats.

Puzder is sunk, Conway is scolded, campaign aides were emailing with Russia, Trump handles North Korea in public over dinner, and finds time to tweet against critics and companies to divert attention from his team’s impeachable offenses.

If you’re feeling nervous, you’re not alone as this is all a matter of National Insecurity. And for better or for worse it seems that Trump may be as insecure as the rest of us.

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